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Civil Grand Jury (CGJ) Complaint Process


*The California Penal Code requires the Civil Grand Jury in each of the 58 counties to inquire into the wilful or corrupt misconduct of public officers,

* Each year the CGJ receives numerous communications from citizens, civic groups, and government employees alleging inefficiencies and malfeasance in government and school districts.

* Any citizen, county or city official, or employees may submit signed complaints to the County CGJ Foreperson or Court Executive Officer.

* The CGJ may investigate and report on the operations, accounts, and records of the officers, departments or functions of the County, special districts, and the books and records of any incorporated city or joint powers agency.

* The CGJ has no jurisdiction over Federal or State agencies or the Courts.

* All complaints are kept confidential and acknowledged that they were received.

* Upon the conclusion of the investigation of a complaint, the complainant will receive a letter informing them that the complaint has been closed.

*The findings of an investigation by the CGJ can only be communicated in a Final Report issued by the CGJ. It is the only method used to inform the public of the investigation.

* The Final Report includes recommendations that should be implemented to resolve the inefficiencies or malfeasance.

* If you know of a situation in your county that needs to be investigate, you may submit a letter of complaint by either: 1) Requesting that a form be mailed to you by calling your Hall of Justice County Executive Officer or 2) Complete the model form (link PDF) provided by SMCAGJ. Address and mail it to Civil Grand Jury Presiding Superior Court Judge or the Civil Grand Jury Foreperson appointed in your county.


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