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General Information about a grand jury

The following links provide guidelines to the process and functions by which the Grand Jury operates. In this section you will find activities, examples, methods and a flow chart with which to operate.


Resource Links

The Association of Former Grand Jurors provides links to other sites on the Internet as learning resources, where the information may be of value as an educational or reference tool, or because they may be related to the mission of the Association of Former Grand Jurors.

As we find more learning resource links, they will be added to our list. We hope you find these resources useful.

Voice Dictionary
(Defines and correctly pronounces words audibly)

(Place any question in any format and several answers will be provided.
Example: In the bar provided on the homepage write:
Clinton: Cuba shoots down two American civilian pilots)

Multilingual Translation Dictionary

(Access to a wealth of resource options covering all fields of research from the encyclopedia, quotations, library books, current events, scientific data, electronics and sundry subjects)

(Improves sentence writing by providing the student with various words that have similar of opposite meanings )

McGraw Hill Glencoe Online
(Assists the teacher to prepare stimulating lesson plans and assists students to research homework assignments)

Quoteland: Quotations by Topic
(Lists numerous quotations by subject titles, enhances compositions, speech making, and writing a thesis)

A Magnificent Tour of 50 United States
(Panoramic view of landmarks of each state, provides visitors with an appreciation for the beauty of American topography)

Geography Facts

Patriotic American Movie Menu
(Numerous options to select military and patriotic videos, nostalgic movie videos and scenic American Video. Designed to appreciate American Accomplishments and Contributions to the world)

Middle East Geography
(Assists the visitor to become familiar with a region America has been committed to defend in the name of democracy. Cleverly developed to make it extremely easy for the visitor to grasp the geography of the Middle East.)

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