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Mission Statement


The Mission of the San Mateo County Association of Grand Jurors is to enhance the public awareness and to support the grand jury system in California, more specifically, the grand jury in San Mateo County. Through the experiences, efforts, support and resources provided by former San Mateo County Grand Jurors, this Mission is primarily to be achieved through continuing pursuit of certain enduring GOALS. These include:

(A) Educating the public on the importance of maintaining and improving the effectiveness of the Grand Jury System especially in San Mateo County.

(B) Monitoring California State legislation as well as local government activities consistent with SMCAGJ's goals.

(C) Working with the County and the California Grand Jurors' Association and other organizations in fulfilling SMCAGJ's Mission.

(D) Preparing and disseminating newsletters, publications, informative and educational materials as well as maintaining a SMCAGJ website and speaker's bureau in furtherance of its Mission and the above stated goals.

The San Mateo County Association of Grand Jurors (SMCAGJ) was founded by former San Mateo Civil Grand Jurors in 1982. Several former grand jurors of the California Grand Juror's Association (www.cgja.org) assisted in the formulation of several topics available on this website.

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