December 5, 2001


Set Time:

9:15 a.m.


Hearing Date:

December 18, 2001



Honorable Board of Supervisors



Marcia Raines, Director of Environmental Services



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Consideration of an appeal of the Planning Commission's decision to approve a Coastal Development Permit, Planned Agricultural District Permit, and an Architectural Review Permit, and certification of a Negative Declaration pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, to allow the construction of a 7,126 sq. ft. addition to an existing 3,524 sq. ft. single-family dwelling located at 11300 Cabrillo Highway in the unincorporated area, south of Pescadero. This project is appealable to the California Coastal Commission.




Deny the appeal and uphold the Planning Commission's decision to approve the Coastal Development Permit, Planned Agricultural District Permit, and an Architectural Review Permit, County File Number PLN 1999-00792, by making the findings and subject to the conditions of approval.




The applicant is requesting to construct (1) a 7,126 sq. ft. addition to an existing 3,524 sq. ft. single-family dwelling, and (2) a 7,257 sq. ft. attached deck addition to an existing 520 sq. ft. deck. The proposal includes partial demolition of the existing house with additions to include a 3-car garage, storage, a mechanical pool, two spas, and two water-storage tanks. The total proposed structure will be 10,650 sq. ft.




The Planning Commission voted 3:2 (Commissioners Bomberger and Silver opposed) on December 13, 2000, to approve this project. Key factors in the Commission's decision were the project's compliance with General Plan, Zoning, and Local Coastal Program (LCP) Policies. The dissent was based primarily on size and scale of the project, and concerns regarding the setting of a precedent. One member added that the approval of the project would be a precedent for replication of the project, while another stated the project did not meet the required findings.




Appellant: Committee for Green Foothills


Applicant: Danial Jansenson


Owners: Raymond Lavine, Barbara Hammerman


Location: 11300 Cabrillo Highway, approximately 5 miles south of Pescadero


Size: 4.97 acres


Existing Zoning: PAD/CD (Planned Agricultural District/Coastal Development)


General Plan Designation: Agriculture


Environmental Evaluation: An Initial Study was completed and a Negative Declaration issued in conformance with CEQA guidelines. The public review began on June 22, 2000 and ended on July 12, 2000.





Appeal Issues


The project was appealed over the following issues: (1) project scale, (2) project design, (3) project location, (4) potential proximity to sensitive habitat, (5) Agricultural Advisory Committee condition, (6) second unit, (7) daily water use, (8) new wells and storage holding tanks, (9) new/expanded septic system, and (10) new/expanded driveway and parking area. The issues of appeal and summary responses are:



Project Scale. The overall mass of the structure has been reduced into discrete components in order to reduce visual impact.



Development Design. The project, with its use of colors and materials, will be compatible with forms, materials, and character of the surrounding properties and landforms.



Location of Development. The greater portion of the addition is located toward the rear of the property, and has been oriented on site to minimize the potential visual effect.



Sensitive Habitat. The biologist report concluded that the location of the proposed project is sufficient to protect sensitive habitats and any other species that could utilize the riparian corridor.



Agricultural Advisory Committee Condition. Condition of approval No. 19 includes recordation of a deed restriction to mitigate potential land use conflicts with adjacent agricultural operations.



Second Unit. The proposal does not include a second dwelling unit nor are second units allowed in Planned Agricultural District (PAD).



Daily Water Use. The LCP Policy for residential land uses in rural areas indicates that a single-family dwelling unit shall be deemed to use an average 315 gallons of water per day (i.e. one density credit). The project contains one dwelling unit, and the water allocation is intended to accommodate ancillary uses such as pools and spas.



New Wells and Storage Tanks. These facilities are regulated and monitored by the County Environmental Health Division, Building Inspection Section, and Fire Department. The disposal of backwash waters from the pool and spas will require approval of the Building Inspection Section and Environmental Health Division through the building permit process.



New/Expanded Septic System. The County Environmental Health Division reviewed the proposed new sewage disposal system that would adequately serve the project, submitted on October 9, 2001, and approved the location and the design of the new septic system with conditions.



New/Expanded Driveway and Parking Area. The proposed driveway will be comprised of perforated blocks resulting in runoff comparable to existing conditions.


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