Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Information Services Department


December 24, 2001


January 8, 2002


Honorable Board of Supervisors


Luther Perry, Director of Information Services Department


Adopt a resolution authorizing the Purchasing Agent to execute the necessary agreements for the purchase of Content Management Services (CMS) and Portal System with Vignette Public Sector & Education, Inc. (Vignette).




Adopt a resolution authorizing the Purchasing Agent to execute the necessary agreements for the Software Purchase, Maintenance, and Professional Services Agreement for the Content Management Services (CMS) and Portal System with Vignette Corporation at a cost not to exceed an amount of $831,740 plus applicable taxes; and


Adopt a resolution authorizing signature authority to the Purchasing Agent for modifications to the scope, terms and conditions of this agreement, up to the stated contract maximum.


Waive the Request for Proposal Process.


Background and Discussion

In June of 2001, your Board approved a comprehensive eGov plan. This plan was developed between October 2000 and May 2001, and included extensive participation by all County departments. The plan proposes to implement Web-based service for all County services that are amenable to this service modality. Some 565 County services were identified. Included in the plan is the concept of portal technology and content management resulting in increased automation.


A supplemental report was presented at your 2001 Budget hearings with a first-year list to be addressed by the first-year budget. This list of 48 services is organized into five project clusters for project management purposes, with work to proceed simultaneously in all five areas. CMS and Portal will assist each of the five project clusters in completing their tasks.


A CMS will enable departmental staff to create documents for direct publication to the Internet. The most effective systems will also allow for an approval and edit cycle before publication. A Portal system will enable web pages to be assembled on request; thereby, insuring the most current and relevant information to be presented to the public over the Internet.


ISD staff and consultants, using independent research and prior experience, identified a list of requirements for evaluating the products that perform these functions. Staff and consultants then screened the specifications and features of the CMS and Portal products of some 17 vendors.


The initial 17 vendors were identified from Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Gartner is a respected, independent third party research and consulting firm that evaluates technology solutions, `Magic Quadrant' is a research report from Gartner that compares product lines from different vendors. This list was narrowed to 13 vendors based on their product's target audience.


After analyzing the entire list of 565 services with special emphasis on the 48 services to be delivered the first year, ISD has developed specific requirements and evaluation criteria. A listing of the evaluation criteria is attached as Attachment A for your reference.


The evaluation criteria were classified as either "Business Requirements"; these are requirements of what the system is expected to do, "Operational/Technical Requirements"; these are requirements to ensure that the system fits within our existing framework, and "Nice to Have"; these are other features of the class of systems that we would be able to utilize if they were available but are not essential.


The business requirements were further classified as: general system functionality; ability to provide analytical reports on website usage; easy to use search; and easy to use overall. The operational/technical requirements were categorized further as: general system technology; general infrastructure; and training/maintenance/support. The nice to have features did not merit further classification.


ISD created a document comparing different products against the evaluation criteria. A review of this document identified that a number of products did not address large numbers of the requirements; hence, the options were narrowed to four product-sets


The four product-sets are offered by a total of five vendors.


The CMS vendors are:


Interwoven, which is recognized as "Best of Breed" and was selected by the State of California;


Stellent, which has an excellent content and document management product, and


Vignette, which has a large market share of the existing CMS installations.


The Portal vendors are:


Epicentric, which is a leader in portal network technology;


IBM, which is an established leader in technology products;


Stellent, whose CMS product has the relevant portal features


Vignette, which has a competitive portal that is connected to their CMS product.


These four product-sets were scored on the evaluation criteria. The scoring was based on demonstrations and the quoted prices by the vendors


As a result of this process, the Vignette product was found to meet most of the County's CMS and Portal requirements, and met more of the requirements than did other products. Vignette demonstrated consistent superiority in easily combining both CMS and Portal functions, and offered competitive pricing. We recommend that your Board accept the results of this evaluation process as summarized on the standard product comparison from Attachment B and waive the formal request for proposal process.


Fiscal Impact

The maximum cost of this contract is $831,740 plus applicable taxes. This includes software, professional services support for installation and training, and one year of maintenance. Funds for this contract are included in the comprehensive eGov plan. This price reflects a 20% volume discount. In no event will the total amount of payment under these agreements exceed $831,740 plus applicable taxes.