Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Environmental Services Agency



December 12, 2001


January 8, 2001



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Marcia Raines, Environmental Services Agency Director


Ordinance Providing Three-year Licensing for Dogs and Cats


Adopt an ordinance adding three-year licenses for cats and dogs, and amend the animal licensing schedule of fees and charges to include three-year licensing fees.



Ordinance 6.04.040 provides that dog and cat owners in unincorporated San Mateo County are responsible for paying an annual license fee for every animal over four (4) months of age or within 60 days after the animal is acquired. On September 15th, 1998, an informational memorandum was presented to the Board of Supervisors regarding three-year licensing for dogs and cats with adequate proof of a three-year rabies vaccine. The Animal Control Task Force, which is composed of representatives from each city in the County, approved the three-year licensing recommendation in early 1998. The three-year animal license is a benefit to the Animal Licensing Program in that it decreases processing time and frees up staff resources, and a convenience to the pet owner in that annual applications are not necessary, lifetime tags are issued, and the three-year license presents a small cost-savings.



As of July 1, 2000, the Animal Licensing Program began issuing three-year licenses for both cats and dogs. However, the ordinance was not amended at that time to reflect the issuance of three-year licenses and their requisite fees. The three-year license fees represent a tripling of one-year fees, with a slight discount for altered animals. Since heavy-duty lifetime tags are now issued to all dogs and wolf-hybrids, the duplicate tag fee has been raised from $3 to $5.


Fiscal Impact

Passage of this ordinance would cause no fiscal impact, as the current budget reflects projections regarding the issuance of three-year licenses. Licensing fees are not being raised at this time.