Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Employee and Public Services



March 21, 2002


April 16, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Mary Welch, Director of Employee and Public Services
Mary Kabakov, Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
Tsutomu Imamura, Chair of EEO Advisory Committee
Sara Medina, Vice-Chair of EEO Advisory Committee


2002-2005 County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan



Accept the 2002-2005 San Mateo County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.



Every several years the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee completes an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan for the County. The Board of Supervisors last approved the 1999-2001 plan in April 1999. The purpose of the plan is to:

    · Reaffirm the County's philosophy and commitment to equal employment opportunity efforts in its employment practices.

    · Promote a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment,

    · Eliminate unnecessary, arbitrary or artificial practices that affect applicants and employees,

    · Provide opportunities for career development and advancement for all employees, and

    · Recommend recruitment, retention and career development strategies to support the County's diversity and community we serve.

As a result of collaborative efforts between recruitment analysts, the County Manager, department heads and EEO advisory committee members, several accomplishments of the 1999-2001 plan are highlighted:

    · Outreach efforts have been instituted to enhance recruitment efforts including on-line applications, Public Service Announcements, and the Employee Referral program.

    · The County's non-discrimination policy was updated and distributed to every current and newly hired County employee, including procedures on resolving or filing a complaint.

The EEO Committee conducted a survey of all managers and supervisors within the professional category of Officials and Administrators to evaluate successful career development strategies.



Our Equal Employment Opportunity efforts continue to focus on retention and career development issues. Changing demographics present special challenges in retaining the qualified employees that represent the diverse community we serve. Through special efforts like the Career Opportunities Program, Work out of Classification assignments and implementation of the advanced degree program we will retain our employees. Action steps identified for the next four years include:

    · Increasing countywide efforts to achieve a broad candidate pool and balanced representation for all EEO job categories.

    · Evaluating the feasibility of providing mandated training for managers and employees on leadership development, management responsibilities, non-discrimination policies and employee relations.

Exploring the feasibility of implementing Career Development and Retention programs such as formal coaching and mentoring, job swapping or rotation, special assignments and pilot a succession planning program.


Vision Alignment

The 2002-2005 EEO Plan reinforces San Mateo County's commitment and goal #1 to realize the potential of our diverse population to build strong communities, effective government and a prosperous economy. Through equal employment opportunity for all employees we can ensure building and retaining a workforce best able to serve our diverse community.


Fiscal Impact

There is no direct fiscal impact associated with the report.