Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



March 29, 2002


April 16, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Neil R. Cullen, Director of Public Works


Seismic Retrofit - Phase III, Old San Mateo County Courthouse, Redwood City, CA 94063 (Project No. P8201)



Adopt a resolution authorizing an increase of $7,000 in the Not-to-Exceed payment limit for contract costs for the Seismic Retrofit - Phase III - of the Old San Mateo County Courthouse.


Previous Board Action

Awarded a contract for the seismic retrofit work on April 24, 2001.


Key Facts

The proposed increase in the contract authorization will allow us to leverage approximately $27,000 in State Bond Act Funds to finance the attachment of the remaining veneers and the sealing of the masonry joints of the Old Court House.



The State made available Bond Act funds for seismic retrofit work and the Phase I and II work at the Old Courthouse was completed for less than the total funds available, and in compliance with the time requirements of the Bond Act. Your Board then authorized the Phase III work which was developed to attach as much of the outside sandstone veneer and to seal the masonry joints of the building as could be financed with the remaining State Bond Act funds. The project is nearing completion and we have determined that there is sufficient State funds available to complete the veneer and sealing work on the structure, but that an increase in the contract "not to exceed" limit is necessary in order to authorize the work and take advantage of the State funding.


Vision Alignment

We believe out recommendation is consistent with Goal Number 7, "Maintain and Enhance the Public Safety of all Residents and Visitors" of the Shared Vision Commitment to "Ensure Basic Health and Safety of All," as the installation will improve the seismic performance and general appearance of this Historic Building for future generations.


Fiscal Impact

The total amount of additional work is estimated at $36,240. Funding will be with $27,180 in State Earthquake Safety and Public Building Rehabilitation Bond Act of 1990 funds (75%) and $9,060 in County matching funds (25%). An increase of $7,000 in the not to exceed contract amount is necessary as the total estimated cost of the work including past change orders and this work is as follow:


Low Bid



Past Contract Change Orders (Savings in Allowances Included in Base Bid)

($ 6,354)


Proposed Change Order

$ 36,240



$ 1,070


Total Estimated Costs



Current "Not to Exceed" Amount



Proposed Increase in "Not to Exceed"

$ 7,000


Proposed New Total "Not to Exceed" Amount



An appropriation for the project was approved in the Capital Projects Budget which is financed with General Funds with 75% reimbursement with State Bond Act Funds. There is an additional impact of $9,060 in General Funds to leverage the $27,180 in State Funds to complete this work. However, the overall project is within the total appropriation for this work that was approved in the Capital Projects Budget.


A form of resolution has been approved by County Counsel.