Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Treasurer-Tax Collector



April 1, 2002


April 16, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Lee Buffington, Tax Collector-Treasurer


Resolution Declaring Unclaimed Monies, Unknown Heirs and Abandoned Property In The County Treasury, Property Of The County Of San Mateo And Transferring Said Unclaimed Monies To The General Fund Of The County Of San Mateo



Adopt a resolution authorizing the President of the Board of Supervisors to declare unclaimed monies in the County Treasury, property of the County of San Mateo.



There was an original amount of $93,903.67 on deposit with the County Treasurer, which has remained unclaimed for more than three years. The County Treasurer has published notice in the San Mateo County Times declaring that all claims must be made to the Treasurer's Office no later than February 19, 2002 (Exhibit "A"). The Treasurer and the Public Administrator have agreed to share the escheated funds of $4,760.21, of the Unknown Heir's fund, as unanticipated revenue. The Treasurer has also claimed, as unanticipated revenue, the escheated funds from Abandoned Property totaling $12,202.69. There were eight claims from the Unclaimed Account totaling $1,168.51 (Exhibit "B"). $1,030.66 will be transferred to the State Revenue Department/Controller's Office for unclaimed wages (Exhibit "C"). $74,741.60 of said monies remain unclaimed and after exercising due diligence, it is necessary and desirable to provide for the escheat of said monies to the General Fund of the County of San Mateo.


Vision Alignment

The unclaimed money to be transferred to the general fund is a commitment of responsive, effective and collaborative government. Because of the service and procedures to locate the persons entitled to any of the unclaimed money, County employees understand, support and integrate the County vision and goals into their delivery of services.


Fiscal Impact

Additional revenue to the General Fund in the amount of $74,741.60.