Inter-Departmental Correspondence



May 20, 2002


June 4, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Don Horsley, Sheriff

Margaret Taylor, Director, Health Services


State Board of Corrections Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction (MIOCR) Grant



Approve an amendment to the Salary Ordinance to add two unclassified Mental Health Counselor II positions funded by the Sheriff's Department MIOCR Grant to the Health Services Agency, Mental Health Services Division.



In July 1999, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department was awarded a four-year grant of $2,137,584 by the State Board of Corrections to create alternative programs for mentally ill clients who might otherwise be incarcerated. The resulting Options Project is a collaborative effort of the Sheriff's Department, Mental Health, Correctional Mental Health, Superior Court, and the Probation Department to reduce recidivism of mentally ill offenders through provision of case management and other mental health and substance abuse services.



On March 19, 2002, the State Board of Corrections approved a budget modification to the MIOCR grant to the Sheriff's Department. The approved modification reallocates State and local match funds from FY 01-02 to subsequent fiscal years as a result of lower than expected expenditures in FY 01-02. As a result there will be sufficient grant dollars to fund the fifth and final year of the program in FY 03-04. The modification also incorporates a negotiated reduction in the required county match for the grant from $2,718,041 over four years to $1,629,625 over five years.


In addition, the budget modification incorporates $101,181 in FY 01-02 and $138,613 in FY 02-03 and the remaining period of the grant for the hiring of two additional Mental Health Counselor II positions for the Options program. These positions were formerly locally funded "extra help" positions. The budget modification will allow retroactive funding of these extra help positions to their hire dates in October and November of 2001. The recommended Salary Ordinance Amendment will change these positions from extra help to unclassified Mental Health Counselor II positions. As unclassified positions, the two Counselor positions can be eliminated upon grant expiration. The employees will be eligible to apply for other vacant permanent positions at that time.


Vision Alignment

This grant from the State Board of Corrections keeps the commitment to Ensure Basic Health and Safety for All and goal number 8: Help vulnerable people, including the mentally ill, achieve a better quality of life. The grant contributes to this commitment by funding the Options program to provide needed mental health and substance abuse services to mentally ill offenders.


Fiscal Impact

The State Board of Corrections grant amount ($2,137,584) remains unchanged, however it has been extended from a four-year to a five-year period (fiscal years 99-00 through 03-04). The Sheriff's Office negotiated a reduction in the amount of local match required of $1,088,416, or 40%, over the five-year period. The Mental Health Services Division will include $30,933 as a final budget change to the Recommended Budget for Mental Health for 2002-03 for the two Mental Health Counselor II positions. There is no net County Cost associated with the approval of these two grant funded positions.