Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Employee and Public Services Department


September 30, 2002


October 22, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Mary Welch, Employee and Public Services Director


Recommended Revision to the Salary Ordinance



Adopt an ordinance amending the salary ordinance and accept the report on the total number of positions in the County.



The salary ordinance changes herein represent:

· reclassifying two positions

· adding one new extra help classification

· splitting one full time position into two half time positions, and

· changing the salary range and other compensation for the Chief Financial Officer of the San Mateo Medical Center

These actions were approved by the County Manager's Office.


Vision Alignment

This item keeps the commitment of responsive, effective and collaborative government through goal number 20: Government decisions are based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than temporary relief or immediate gain.


Fiscal Impact

The reclassification actions represent a monthly salary and benefit cost of $3861 or an annual cost of $46,332.


This amendment has been reviewed by the County Counsel's Office.



Split: One position of C001S, Deputy Probation Officer series

Biweekly Salary: $1698.40 - 2508.00

Approximate Monthly Salary: $3680 - 5434

Into two half time positions

Same salary range


This is the splitting of one full time position of Deputy Probation Officer into two half time positions. This change will better meet the working needs of current staff and will give the department greater flexibility in filling positions. This action represents no change in monthly salary and benefits costs. The action increases the total number of authorized positions by one.



Action A:

Change: The salary range of the classification of D210, Chief Financial Officer, San Mateo Medical Center:

From: Biweekly Salary: $3465.60 - 4332.00

Approximate Monthly Salary: $7509 - 9387

To: Biweekly Salary: $3639.20 - 4548.80

Approximate Monthly Salary: $7886 - 9857

And: Add an annual performance based bonus of up to $8,000.


This is the upward adjustment of the salary of the classification of Chief Financial Officer, San Mateo Medical Center by 5%. The department has found it necessary to increase the salary of this classification in order to attract qualified candidates to continue the work of the unit. This action represent a monthly salary and benefits cost increase of $611 based on filling the position at the top step of the salary range. There is no change in the total number of authorized positions.

The performance based bonus will provide an annual payment of up to $8,000 based on mutually agreed performance criteria intended to improve the financial performance of the Medical Center.

Action B:

Add: A new extra help classification of B066, Psychiatric Resident

Hourly Salary: $75.00


This is the addition of one new extra help classification for use in the San Mateo Medical Center for psychiatric coverage in the Psychiatric Emergency Services unit. Off hours psychiatric coverage in PES is provided by a variety of extra help psychiatrists and residents. All are currently paid at $90 an hour as a result of a recommended increase 18 months ago. On further review the Medical Center has determined that payment at the higher rate is not necessary to attract sufficient residents to provide coverage at the facility. This change will establish a second compensation level more appropriately reflecting the market for these skills. This action will result in an hourly savings of $15 per hour and total savings will depend on the number of staff assigned to this new classification code. There is no change in the total number of authorized positions.




Reclassify: One position of G231 Human Services Analyst II

Biweekly Salary: $1823.20 - 2279.20

Approximate Monthly Salary: $3951 - 4939

And: One position of V230 Information Technology Technician

Biweekly Salary: $1917.60 - 2396.80

Approximate Monthly Salary: $4155 - 5193

To: Two positions of V235 Information Technology Analyst

Biweekly Salary: $2418.40 - 3023.20

Approximate Monthly Salary: $5240 - 6551


This is an upward reclassification of one Human Services Analyst II and one Information Technology Technician to the Information Technology Analyst classification. As part of a reorganization and consolidation of automation support positions in the Agency positions have been shifted into the Business Systems group and given a variety of duties related to automation activities. The duties of these positions are more appropriately represented by the Information Technology Analyst classification. This action represents a monthly salary and benefits increase of $3861 based on filling both positions at the top step in the range. There is no change in the total number of authorized positions.