Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Human Services Agency



October 8, 2002


October 29, 2002



Honorable Board of Supervisors



Maureen D. Borland, Director, Human Services Agency


Yvonne Frazier, Administrator, Alcohol and Drug Services



Flat Rate Agreements with Various Providers of Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Services for the Period July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003




Adopt a Resolution to:


Authorize the President of the Board of Supervisors to execute flat rate Agreements with: 1) Asian American Recovery Services ($110,000); 2) Bay Area Community Resources ($80,000); 3) Cabrillo Unified School District ($40,000); 4) El Centro de Libertad ($25,000); 5) Free At Last ($386,629); 6) Jefferson Elementary School District ($44,021); 7) The Latino Commission ($69,676); 8) Millbrae Elementary School District ($53,702); 9) Project Ninety, Inc. ($248,880); 10) Service League of San Mateo County ($47,082); 11) Sitike Counseling Center ($177,048); 12) South Coast Children's Services ($54,079); 13) Women's Recovery Association ($200,000); 14) Youth Empowering Systems, Inc. ($48,450; 15) Youth and Family Assistance ($80,000); and 16) Youth Leadership Institute ($90,000); and



Authorize the Director of the Human Services Agency to execute amendments and minor modifications during the term of the Agreements; however, as to each Agreement, such authority is limited to:


1) reducing the County's aggregate maximum fiscal obligation in the event

there is a commensurate reduction in the funding received by the County;


2) increasing the County's aggregate maximum fiscal obligation in the event there is a commensurate increase in funding received by the County; however, said increase shall be limited to a total of $25,000 per funding source; and/or


3) making changes in the types of prevention and/or treatment services provided by the Contractors, as long as the changes have no impact on the County's maximum fiscal obligation.



In FY 2001-02 Alcohol and Drug Services (AOD) conducted separate Request For Proposals (RFP) processes for its prevention, perinatal and Bay Area Services Network (BASN) parolee treatment services. Each of the RFP processes was designed to identify services which would best meet the needs of the population served within the current funding constraints. The amount of funding available for both prevention and perinatal services is reduced in FY 2002-03. Due to budget constraints at the state and County levels, FY 2002-03 funding was reduced by $350,000 for prevention and $219,000 for perinatal services.


The Human Services Agency has been reviewing its prevention efforts in various disciplines, with the goal of encouraging improved linkages and collaborative efforts among service providers. A central element of the system design is to link alcohol and drug prevention service providers with existing community-based Family Resource Centers (FRCs) which offer a range of prevention, health care and support services for families who live within particular school service areas.


AOD brought together review panels of individuals from a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise related to each service modality. Each panel made their recommendations using the criteria described in the RFP documents. After the applicants were notified of the recommendations, AOD followed the appeals process which is described in each of the RFPs. Contracts were then negotiated with the recommended providers. Matrices included as Attachment 1 provide details for each of the RFP processes.



Language contained in these flat rate Agreements is the result of extensive negotiations between the County and the Treatment Provider's Coalition. The Agreements contain prevention, perinatal and BASN services, as well as CSAT grant funded services provided by Project Ninety, Inc. to individuals following incarceration in the County jail system. The services contained in these Agreements are currently being paid under a continuing Resolution. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ) program services which are entirely supported by client fees are also included in several of the Agreements for alcohol and drug treatment services. These Agreements will be amended in the near future to incorporate additional ongoing alcohol and drug treatment modalities which are currently being paid under a continuing Resolution. Final negotiations of service levels for the ongoing treatment modalities were contingent upon the state and County budget processes.


The County Manager approved waivers of the Equal Benefits Ordinance compliance requirement for Cabrillo Unified School District and Millbrae Elementary School District. The waivers are included as Attachment 2.


The Resolution and Agreements have been reviewed and approved as to form by the County Counsel's office.


Performance Measures

Alcohol and Drug Services is in compliance with the Human Services Agency's Outcome Based Management (OBM) Program Plan. Below are the recommended Performance Measures included in the OBM Program Plan for alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services.


Outcome Based Management Performance Measures: Prevention

Fiscal Year

2001-02 Data

Projected for

Fiscal Year 2002-03

Number of participants served in school-linked and youth development alcohol and drug prevention programs.



Number of participants served in education/outreach alcohol and drug prevention programs.



% of youth (6th grade and above) in alcohol and drug prevention programs who report abstinence or reduction in the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the past 30 days.




*These projections are conservative estimates based on a 31% reduction in available funding for prevention services in FY 2002-03 and restructuring of the prevention system design.

Outcome Based Management Performance Measures: Treatment

Fiscal Year

2001-02 Data

Projected for

Fiscal Year 2002-03

Number of clients entering treatment (all modalities except methadone services)



Percent of clients reducing or abstaining from alcohol and/or other drug use at 3 months and 9 months after intake.

3 months 78%

9 months 78%

3 months 78%

9 months 78%

Percent of criminal justice involved clients retained in treatment or until completion of program.




Vision Alignment

These flat rate Agreements are consistent with the commitment to: Ensure basic health and safety for all and goal number 8: Help vulnerable people - the aged, disabled, mentally ill, at-risk youth and others - achieve a better quality for life. The Agreements contribute to this commitment and goal by providing individuals and families in San Mateo County with the skills and knowledge necessary to live alcohol and drug free lives, which in turn contributes to the health and safety of the communities in San Mateo County.


Fiscal Impact

Total funding for these 16 Agreements is $1,754,567 . This amount has been included in the FY 2002-03 Human Services Agency Budget for Alcohol and Drug Services. There is no additional Net County Cost. Of the total amount, funding is as follows:



$ 314,570


County Funds

$ 90,000


CSAT Post Incarceration

$ 86,468


NNA Perinatal

$ 551,780


NNA Prevention

$ 711,749


Total funding obligation