Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Environmental Services Agency



October 10, 2002


October 29, 2002


9:30 a.m.



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Marcia Raines, Director


Mid-Coast Development Fees




Accept the report proposing implementation of development fees for the Mid-Coast area of the County



Direct staff to conduct public meetings on the proposal and return to the Board in January 2003



Several years ago, San Mateo County undertook an analysis of the unincorporated County to determine which, if any, of the urbanized areas might be annexed to adjacent jurisdictions, or were of such a development mix to warrant incorporation on their own. Of those areas that were deemed to remain as part of the unincorporated area of the County, a second scan looked at what services, if any, cities would normally deliver to residents that might be of importance to the residents in those unincorporated areas. In several areas of the County, park and recreation services were identified. Subsequent to that analysis, the County has contracted with the City of Redwood City to provide recreation services to the North Fair Oaks Community. In other areas, the County has paid to improve ball diamonds, using community development funds, to support the use of city facilities by County residents. One of the areas that lacked existing facilities was the Mid-Coast area of the County.

In 1998, funding was provided for a needs analysis in the Mid-Coast area of the County (south of Pacifica to the northern boundary of Half Moon Bay, and from the Pacific Ocean east to the urban boundary limit as described in the Local Coastal Plan). Some 10,000 residents currently live within that area. A scientifically based telephone poll was conducted by Strategic Research Institute to elicit a broad based scan of what type of parks, facilities and programs are desired in that area. Callander and Associates was hired to conduct a planning process to identify recreational and park needs for current and future residents. The planning process gathered information from key stakeholders and included a total of 6 public meetings to develop a 20-year plan for implementation.



At the Board's October 29, 2002 meeting, you will hear a presentation and be asked to accept the Mid-Coast Recreational Needs Assessment. As a first step toward implementation of that Assessment, staff has prepared a Draft Development Fee Proposal that proposes adoption of fees for new residential development that, if adopted, would pay for the proportional cost of park and recreation facilities that will be used by new residents. A draft of the proposal is attached..


Staff intends to meet with interested citizens to review the draft proposal. The Mid-Coast Community Council has asked for time to review the proposal and they will consider it at their November 13 meeting. A presentation of the proposal and public response to it will be made at the December 5 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Staff would then make whatever changes to the proposal as a result of those discussions and work with County Counsel to develop a draft ordinance for implementation. Those items should be ready for review by your Board in January 2003


Vision Alignment

This draft proposal is consistent with Goal 15, "residents have nearby access to green space, such as parks and recreational opportunities" of the Shared Vision Commitment to "preserve and provide people access to our natural environment."


Fiscal Impact