Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Human Services Agency
Office of Housing



September 24, 2003


October 7, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Maureen Borland, Director, Human Services Agency
Steve Cervantes, Director, Office of Housing



Agreement with the City of Redwood City and the Redwood City School District For Renovation and Maintenance of the Fair Oaks School Playfield



Adopt a Resolution authorizing:


Execution of an Agreement with the City of Redwood City and the Redwood City School District for Renovation and Maintenance of the Fair Oaks School Playfield; and


The Director of the Human Services Agency to execute subsequent amendments and minor modifications not to exceed $25,000 per funding source.



North Fair Oaks, as an economically impacted area, has historically been a community of special focus to the County of San Mateo. The 2000 Census notes that relative to countywide demographics, North Fair Oaks continues to be characterized by its lower median household income ($55,603 vs. $70,819 countywide), its large Latino population (69.6% vs. 21.9%), a larger average household size (3.81 persons vs. 2.74 persons) , and a younger median age (28.7 years vs. 36.8 years).


In the mid-90s, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program supported a youth recreation needs study, which documented the need for expanded recreation space and facilities for local youth. Since then, CDBG funds have assisted in the upgrading of school-related facilities that double as community recreation facilities during off-school hours. These facilities include renovation of the playfields at the Garfield and Taft Elementary Schools, and the construction of the multipurpose room/gymnasium at the Taft and the Fair Oaks Elementary Schools.



Under the County's FY 2003-04 CDBG Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), the City of Redwood, in its capacity as fiscal agent for the Redwood City School District for the Fair Oaks School playfield renovation, applied for CDBG funds to upgrade the facility. On May 6, 2003, the Board of Supervisors approved the set-aside of $300,000 of CDBG funds to assist in the renovation. The renovation work is estimated to cost a total of $1.214 million, including architectural and engineering fees. The balance of the costs will be borne by Redwood City ($625,000) and the Redwood City School District ($289,000).


As with the previous Agreement covering the playfields at Garfield and Taft, the subject Agreement is similarly structured as a three-party contract with Redwood City and the School District delineating the following: (1) funding commitments by each party; (2) responsibility of the parties with regard to construction management and oversight; and (3) scheduling and maintenance of the playfield after renovation.


In summary, Redwood City will act as the overall construction manager. As such, the City will be responsible for direct dealings with all consultants, monitoring the construction, and handling all third-party payment requests. Upon project completion, the District will contract with the City to provide scheduling and maintenance of the playfields. The County's role is limited to providing CDBG funds of $300,000.


The City would like to begin work before the start of the rainy season. However, the City Council will not approve the three-party agreement until October 13, 2003, at which time the City would like to award the construction contract to the selected bidder to expedite matters. In addition, in order for the City Council to approve the Agreement, it must be assured that all funds for the project are committed, including the County's. Hence, the need for the Board of Supervisors to approve the form of Agreement without all of the other parties' signatures. It should be noted that all parties, including their respective legal counsels, have reviewed and approved the form of the Agreement as presented.


Vision Alignment

This Agreement keeps the County commitments to: Ensure basic health and safety for all; and Responsive, effective and collaborative government; and Goal numbers 6 and 22: Children grow up healthy and safe in supportive homes and neighborhoods; and County and local governments effectively communicate, collaborate and develop strategic approaches to issues affecting the entire County. The action contributes to these commitments and goals by continuing the previous successful collaboration of improving youth recreation in North Fair Oaks.


Fiscal Impact

The term of the Agreement is effective upon execution and extends for ten years thereafter. FY 2003-04 CDBG funding of $300,000 for this activity is included in the Office of Housing Budget for FY 2003-04. There is no Net County Cost.