Resolution No. _____________

Board of Supervisors, County of San Mateo, State of California

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Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Compost Bins from Smith & Hawken to Continue the RecycleWorks Backyard Composting Program


RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Mateo, State of California, that


WHEREAS, state law, the Integrated Waste Management Act ("AB 939"), mandates that every city and every county in California reduce its waste stream by 50 percent (50%) by the year 2000 and maintain this level of diversion; and


WHEREAS, backyard composting contributes to achieving said mandate by keeping much of the residential yard waste (grass clippings, leaves and yard trimmings), which is a major component of the waste stream throughout San Mateo County, out of the landfill or from being collected and transported by truck to a composting facility; and


WHEREAS, this Board of Supervisors, recognizing the importance of backyard composting in achieving a 50 percent (50%) reduction in the waste stream, has created the RecycleWorks Backyard Composting Program (the "Program") whereby residents throughout San Mateo County can purchase a compost bin at a substantial savings, attend free workshops given by trained Master Composter volunteers and receive access to technical assistance; and


WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the Program and, by extension, the County, to waive any requirement for competitive bidding and continue to offer the Biostack Composter manufactured and sold by Smith & Hawken as the Program's compost bin because: 1) the Biostack Composter was originally selected as the compost bin to be offered by the Program after a competitive evaluation of the available compost bins; 2) it is an integral part of the Program having been consistently offered by the Program and referred to in all of the Program's promotional and program literature; and


WHEREAS, over 97 percent (97%) of those residents who have purchased a bin have rated the program as good, very good or excellent; and


WHEREAS, this Board of Supervisors finds it necessary and desirable that this successful and highly regarded program continue:





Pursuant to County Ordinance Section 2.92.050(f) this Board waives any requirements for competitive bidding and directs that the Biostack Composter, manufactured and sold by Smith & Hawken and offered by the RecycleWorks Backyard Composting Program, continue to be purchased by the County and offered for sale to the residents of San Mateo County through said Program administered by the Waste and Environmental Services Section of the County's Public Works Department.



The Purchasing Agent be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to execute a Vendor Agreement with Smith & Hawken to purchase Biostack bins for a two year term, plus two one year extensions at the County's option, in an amount not-to-exceed $148,000.



Said extensions of the agreement will be approved by the Director of Public Works.

* * * * * *