Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Health Services Agency



October 15, 2003


November 4, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors



Margaret Taylor, Director of Health Services

Brian Zamora, Director, Public Health & Environmental Protection Division



Waste Tire Grant





Approve an Appropriation Transfer Request (ATR) in the amount of $279,968 recognizing revenue from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) and establishing appropriations.



Adopt an ordinance amending Salary Ordinance Number 04184.



Improperly disposed tires become a solid waste disposal problem and breeding ground for vectors of disease, endangering the public's health. The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) has designated San Mateo County as the enforcement authority for regulations relating to the storage and handling of waste tires and used tires. The Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program provides for sufficient, stable, and noncompetitive funding for local entities designated as the enforcement authority. This state funding is provided through a $1.00 per tire fee on new tires sold in California.


In June 2003, your Board accepted an application to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) for a Waste Tire Enforcement Grant and designated authority to the Director of Health Services or her designee to accept and sign all documents related to the Waste Tire Enforcement Grant.



The Environmental Health Division was awarded a grant by the CIWMB to ensure that waste tire disposal regulations are implemented in order to protect the public's health. Funds from this grant will be used to expand the current hazardous materials regulatory program to incorporate inspections of tire facilities.


A Hazardous Materials Specialist position will be added to address the increase in inspection activity. In addition to paying for the Hazardous Materials specialist position, the grant will also fund other activities performed by existing staff associated with this grant, such as data collection and services and supplies related to this new program.


The ATR will establish revenue and appropriations for the Waste Tire Grant. Future revenue and appropriations under this grant will be included through the budget process. The Waste Tire Grant program is a part of the CIWMB's five-year plan and is anticipated to be a stable funding source through 2008-09 because of the requirements of SB876 (Statutes of 2000, chapter 839).


Vision Alignment

The CIWMB Waste Tire Enforcement Grant keeps the commitment of ensuring basic health and safety for all and goal number 7: to maintain and enhance the public safety of all residents and visitors. The grant contributes to this commitment and goal by safely managing waste and reducing vectors of disease.


Fiscal Impact

The grant funding for FY 2003-04 is $279,968. The revenue and appropriations for this grant are included in the ATR. For future years, revenue and appropriations under this grant will be included through the budget process. There is no net County cost.