Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager's Office



November 17, 2003


December 2, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Paul Scannell, Assistant County Manager


San Mateo County Youth Services Center

Project No. P7T01



Adopt a Resolution authorizing execution of a revision order and assignments related to the San Mateo County Youth Services Center.


R.O. No.







No Change

Turner Construction Co.



On October 22, 2002, by Resolution No. 65620, the Board of Supervisors authorized the County Manager's Office to execute an agreement with Turner Construction Company to provide construction management, architectural and engineering services for the San Mateo County Youth Services Center. The Master Plan approved by the Board on December 3, 2002 included the design and construction of all building components. The County is responsible only for changes initiated by the County or caused by unforeseeable circumstances.



The contract with Turner provides for construction management, architectural and engineering services. Under this contract, the County receives and awards bids for the construction work from trade contractors. Upon determination of the lowest responsive bidder the County will assign the bids to Turner who will execute a contract with the trade contractors. The assignment is accomplished by execution of an Assignment of Bid form and a revision order to Turner's contract. Bid Package 1 for earthwork and Bid Packages 2 and 3 (combined) for paving and site concrete were advertised and bid by the County in full compliance with the Public Contract Code. Bids were received November 17, 2003 and have been reviewed by the construction manager and the County. The bid results are listed in Exhibit A. The low bidder on Bid Packages 2 and 3 (combined), DeSilva Gates, has claimed a clerical bid error and has requested relief from its bid. This request has been reviewed and it is recommended that the County grant such relief. It is recommended to accept and assign the bid of Granite Construction for Bid Package 1 and the bid of Granite Rock, DBA Pavex Construction Division for Bid Packages 2 and 3 (combined) to Turner as specified in this Revision Order 2.

The construction manager and contractors are required to include in their price to the County the cost of liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance. Large construction projects, such as the Youth Services Center, can reduce insurance costs by implementing a project specific insurance program for the construction phase of the project. The County investigated two programs, one administered by the construction manager (CCIP) and one administered by the County. Both plans were reviewed by Risk Management and met the County's insurance requirements. The CCIP offered the County savings of approximately $1,000,000. Savings will be realized as bids are received. The CCIP program is recommended and included in Revision Order 2.

The geologic investigation of the site confirmed the presence of serpentine rock, which contains naturally occurring asbestos. This qualifies as a differing site condition and it is the County's responsibility to mediate and defend related liability claims. An asbestos dust mitigation plan has been adopted for the project, which will be administered by the construction manager. Revision Order 2 amends the agreement with Turner Construction Co. to clarify the responsibility of the construction manager and the County in this matter.


Vision Alignment

The construction of the San Mateo County Youth Services Center keeps the commitment of "Ensure basic health and safety for all" and goal number eight: "Help vulnerable people--the aged, disabled, mentally ill, at-risk youth and others--achieve a better quality of life". This project contributes to the commitment and goal by consolidating youth services in one location in a new state-of-the-art facility to benefit youth, families, staff, and community.


Fiscal Impact

The project budget is $125 million. This project is funded by the sale of lease revenue bonds.

This revision order will amend the contract as follows:




Original Contract

Prior Revisions

This Revision

Revised Contract








Exhibit A

San Mateo County Youth Services Center Bid Results

Bid Date 11/17/03

Bid Package 1 - Earthwork

Bid Packages 2 and 3 (combined) - Paving and Site Concrete

Bid Pkg.




1. Granite Construction



2. Maguire Hester



3. Granite Rock, DBA Pavex Construction Division



4. Ferma



5. DeSilva Gates




1. DeSilva Gates ( BID RELEASED)



2. Granite Rock, DBA Pavex Construction Division



3. Maguire Hester



4. Granite Construction



5. Ferma