Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



October 31, 2003


November 18, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Neil R. Cullen, Director of Public Works


No Left Turn - Edgeworth Avenue at Eighty-Seventh Street, Broadmoor Village Area



Adopt an ordinance prohibiting left turn movements from northbound Edgeworth Avenue onto Eighty-Seventh Street.


Key Facts

The Broadmoor Police Protection District is in agreement that the potential for accidents at the above-described intersection can be reduced by prohibiting left turn movements off of Edgeworth Avenue.



Edgeworth Avenue forms a "T" intersection with Eighty-Seventh Street and is within the unincorporated area while the adjacent property on the westerly corner is within the corporate limits of the City of Daly City. Daly City requested that we evaluate the intersection as a new building within their jurisdiction limits sight distance for motorists approaching the intersection from Edgeworth Avenue.


We evaluated traffic movements and determined that the installation of stop signs on Eighty-Seventh Street did not meet State of California stop sign warrants. We also sent a survey out to the property owners in the area asking if they preferred our improving sight distance for motorists on Edgeworth Avenue by eliminating parking on a portion of Eighty-Seventh Street, of if they preferred prohibiting left turn movements off of Edgeworth Avenue. Two property owners responded with both being in favor of prohibiting the left turn movement. We also discussed the option with the Broadmoor Police and they recommended prohibiting the left turn movement as they believe that it will have less impact on the community, as parking is in demand in this area and motorists can access Eighty Seventh street via Washington Street at a signalized intersection.


We will post informational signs on Edgeworth if your Board adopts the ordinance as recommended, to inform motorists that left turns will be prohibited as soon as the ordinance goes into affect.


Vision Alignment

We believe our recommendations are consistent with Goal Number 7, "maintain and enhance public safety of all residents and visitors" of the shared vision Commitment to "ensure basic health and safety for all," as a prohibited left turn will improve safety for motorists approaching this intersection.


Fiscal Impact

The estimated cost of installing these signs is estimated to be $1,000, and is proposed to be financed with Road Funds. There is no impact to the General Fund.


A form of ordinance has been approved by County Counsel.