Inter-Departmental Correspondence

San Mateo Medical Center



November 14, 2003


December 2, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Nancy J. Steiger, Chief Executive Officer, San Mateo Medical Center



Agreement with GRM Information Management Services (formerly known as Simmba Systems, LLC)



Adopt a resolution authorizing the President of the Board to waive the Request for Proposals (RFP) Process and to execute an agreement with GRM Information Management Services.



The State requires hospitals to maintain adult medical records for 10 years after date of last activity and pediatric records until the child reaches 18 years of age plus an additional three years.

Off-site medical record storage is required because of the lack of storage space at SMMC. San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) keeps medical records on-site for five years. After five years of inactivity at the hospital, the medical record is sent to outside record storage. The medical records need to be accessible in the event a patient returns for treatment or correspondence of medical information is required.



In June 2000, Simmba Systems was selected from three vendors who responded to a Request for Quotes. In addition to creating a database for all San Mateo Medical Center records, Simmba System's rates were lower and their proposal did not include a removal fee at the termination of the agreement. Simmba Systems also


offered an internet connection which enabled the Hospital to maintain records of off-site storage, request for records over the internet and include destruction timetables of items stored. The term of the agreement with Simmba was October 1, 2000 to September 30, 2003. Contracting with Simmba Systems resulted in a cost savings over time.

GRM Information Management Services purchased Simmba Systems in January 2003. Because GRM is maintaining the same terms and conditions as in the Agreement with Simmba Systems, San Mateo Medical Center can expect the same cost saving over the term of this agreement. A waiver of the RFP process is being requested at this time.

GRM Information Management Services (formerly Simmba Systems, LLC) was approved by the State of California for medical records retention and storage. Security is high-priority with GRM due to the privacy guidelines governing health information. All GRM facilities are locked and guarded at all times. Their information system is guarded with a firewall. HIPAA compliance language is included in the contract with GRM and all their employees are required to sign confidential statements.


San Mateo Medical Center is currently exploring methods to decrease the number of boxes needing to be stored. A plan will be developed, with the guidance of County Counsel, for an effective system of box destruction to prevent unnecessary future growth of the number of medical records stored.

County Counsel and Risk Management have reviewed and approved this agreement.


Vision Alignment

This Contract keeps the commitment to Responsive, effective and collaborative government and goal number 20: government decisions are based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than temporary relief or immediate gain. The agreement contributes to this commitment by providing off-site storage of medical records which are easily accessible in the event a patient returns for treatment or correspondence of medical information is required.


Fiscal Impact

The term of this agreement is October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2006. The maximum amount of the agreement is $127,108. Funds are included in San Mateo Medical Center's FY2003-2004 Adopted Budget and will be included in subsequent budget requests.