Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder



November 17, 2003


December 2, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Warren Slocum, Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder


Appropriation Transfer Request ($90,000)



Approve an Appropriation Transfer Request transferring $90,000 within the Clerk-Recorder Budget Unit, from the Recorder's Modernization Trust Fund Account to the Contract Special Program Services Account.



In July 2001, we launched our electronic recording implementation project. Ingeo Systems, Inc. (Ingeo), a project subcontractor, is the licensor-installer of the hardware and software that are the key components of the electronic recording system. This process saves times, is efficient, and has the necessary security precautions. In addition, e-recording helps reduce data entry, which, in the long term, can help reduce the costly incidence of repetitive stress injuries.


More than 3,000 documents, among more than 300,000, were electronically recorded in 2003. Current submitters include the California Franchise Tax Board (liens and releases), County Public Health (birth and death certificates), and a private company dealing in real estate transactions. In early 2004, preparations now in progress will enable participation by County Child Support Services and several private companies (banks and lending institutions).



The requested transfer will fund a three-year, $90,000 agreement with Ingeo for software licensing and system maintenance and user support services. Since this amount is under the County Manager's authority, the agreement has been sent to the County Manager's Office for signature, pursuant to review and approval by County Counsel and Information Services. The requested funds transfer has been reviewed and approved by the Controller and the County Manager.


Our electronic recording program is a pilot program in the state, and was instrumental in developing, in cooperation with the Secretary of State, a digital notary seal. County Counsel has approved our program under existing statutes. Despite our vigorous advocacy, 2003-04 legislation (AB 578) that would have further expanded its use failed to overcome some lingering disputes relating to security and oversight. We will review our advocacy in the event new legislation is proposed-a likely event as inevitable technological advances become more widely implemented throughout the recording community.


This program is one component of our outcome-based management plan. Our performance goals called for its expansion to two percent of recordings in FY 2003-04 and to five percent in FY 2004-05. Currently at less than one percent, largely due to the legislative setback, we nonetheless expect to achieve five percent next year when additional submitters come on line.



This agreement keeps County's commitment of "responsive, effective and collaborative government" and serves County's goal of making "government decisions based on careful consideration of future impact rather than temporary relief." This investment will yield progressively larger cost savings and customer satisfaction through increased efficiencies in a core, revenue-generating business process used by governmental and private customers.



There will be no Net County Cost. The $90,000 agreement will be fully funded from the Recorder's Modernization Trust Fund.