Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager's Office



December 8, 2003


December 16, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Paul T. Scannell, Assistant County Manager


Approval of Official Ballots for the San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District Assessment.



Adopt a Resolution authorizing the Real Property Services Manager to cast affirmative votes on ballots calling for a proposed assessment to support the San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District.



The San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District is an independent special district that controls and monitors disease carrying insects. The District also protects the public health by regularly testing for diseases that are spread by mosquitos, other insects and rodents. Currently these services are only provided in eastern San Mateo County and property owners in this area pay for these services. These services are not provided in the area of northern and western San Mateo County because there is no current funding.

The proposed ballot requests that all property owners in northern and western San Mateo County vote on whether or not to expand the Mosquito and Disease Control District by accepting an assessment in order to fund these services.



Each owner of a parcel of property in the district is authorized to cast a ballot on the issue of whether the assessment should be approved. The County owns approximately 320 parcels within the district, and is therefore eligible to cast 320 ballots. Affirmative ballots increase the likelihood of providing funding for these areas of San Mateo County that currently do not have these services.

The Director of Environmental Services concurs in this recommendation.


Vision Alignment

Approval of the ballots keeps the commitment of ensuring the basic health and safety for all and goal number 7: Maintain and enhance the public safety to all residents and visitors. Approval of the ballots contributes to this commitment by expanding the Mosquito and Disease Control District into the northern and western areas of the County.


Fiscal Impact

The annual cost for the Mosquito and Disease Control Assessment is $3,877.80.