Sheriff's Office

Inter-Departmental Correspondence



October 31, 2003



December 16, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Sheriff Don Horsley



Second Amendment to Agreement with the City of Brisbane




Adopt a Resolution authorizing the President of the Board to execute a Second Amendment to the Agreement with the City of Brisbane, which would extend the term for which the Sheriff's Office Criminal Records Bureau processes arrest warrants for the City.



Since 2001, the County has contracted to process arrest warrants for the cities of Brisbane and Half Moon Bay. These services are provided by the Sheriff's Office Criminal Records Bureau. The services provided by the county involve counter inquiry response, correspondence, telephone, the Bay Area Automated Warrant System (AWS), the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (CLETS), Wanted Persons Systems (WPS), and the Nationwide Crime Information Center (NCIC). The contracts expire on September 30, 2003.



Brisbane Police Department has entered into a partnership with the neighboring City of San Mateo, to utilize SMPD's new Records Management System for the processing of warrants. The RMS project is underway, and will be completed in Spring, 2004. At that point, Brisbane PD staff will be able to complete warrant processing themselves, utilizing automated support of the RMS system. Originally, we did not move to extend the just-expired Agreement with Brisbane in anticipation it would not be needed. However, it has recently been determined that one additional partial-year extension will assist the City until they can fully transition over to San Mateo's system.

The recommended Amendment provides for a six-month extension of services to March 31, 2004, with the option to go month-to-month thereafter, if additional time should be required. The County will be paid at a fixed rate of $2,460 for the period, equivalent to about $10.93 per warrant serviced, representing an 11% increase over the prior Amendment. If a month-to-month extension is required, the rate will be $410 per month. The fee is based on an estimated 450 annual warrants and covers the cost of staff time involved. With the advent of automated support systems over the past decade, the processing of warrants is far less time-consuming than in the days of manual document preparation.

County Counsel has reviewed and approved this proposed Resolution and Agreement as to legal form.



The proposed Agreement aligns with Commitment No. 7 - maintain and enhance the safety of all residents and visitors; Commitment No. 8 - protecting the quality of life of the vulnerable elderly and children; and Commitment No. 22 - Local governments effectively communicate, collaborate, and develop strategic approaches to issues.



This agreement will generate estimated revenue of $2,460 to offset existing costs of the Sheriff's Office Criminal Records Bureau. The relatively small number of additional warrants can readily be accomplished by existing staff, as one of a range of other duties.