Sheriff's Office

Inter-Departmental Correspondence



December 8, 2003


December 16, 2003



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Sheriff Don Horsley


Amendment No. 2 to Agreement with SAMTRANS, Adding one Deputy and one Community Service Officer Position to the Existing SAMTRANS / CalTrain Security Program



Adopt a Resolution approving the President of the Board to execute Amendment No. 2 to the existing Agreement with SAMTRANS for the provision of law enforcement and public safety dispatch services, adding one Deputy Sheriff and one Community Services Officer position to the personnel roster under the existing Agreement.



On January 29, 2002, your Board approved the existing Agreement (Resolution 65036) with the San Mateo County Transit District (SAMTRANS) for provision of law enforcement and public safety communications dispatch services for SAMTRANS and the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board commuter train service (CalTrain). On September 24, 2002, your Board approved Amendment No. 1 (Resolution 65587) to the Agreement, extending the original trial period for public safety communications for the duration of the Agreement. Services provided to SAMTRANS and CalTrain under the Agreement have continued successfully, and SAMTRANS officials have regularly expressed their general satisfaction with services provided by the Sheriff's Office and Public Safety Communications.



The existing Agreement provides for Sheriff's law enforcement services by a total of five positions - one Sergeant and four Deputies. Recently, AMTRAK Police, which also jointly serves CalTrain at the present time, have experienced staff turnover, and vacancies exist in the CalTrain security ranks which need to be filled expeditiously. SAMTRANS and CalTrain administration have contacted the Sheriff's Office and expressed their desire to have these vacancies filled by Sheriff's Office personnel. The proposed Amendment No. 2 accomplishes that task, by adding a Deputy effective November 1st (there was an urgency for this position), and one Community Services Officer, responsible for CalTrain parking lot security and parking enforcement, effective January 1, 2004. The Amendment also provides mutually agreed-upon clarification of several other sections of the Agreement, such as fare violation ticket-writing, acquisition of radio equipment, and State CLETS system access.


Vision Alignment

This Amendment and the Agreement align with the Vision 2010 Commitment no. 10, to provide public transportation choices that are convenient, affordable, accessible and safe, as well as Commitment no. 22 - County and local governments effectively communicate, collaborate and develop strategic approaches to issues affecting the entire County.


Fiscal Impact

The Amendment provides fully loaded position funding for the two positions, pro-rated for the current fiscal year based on start date, and annualizing to full twelve-month reimbursement in future years ($268,264). Total reimbursements to the Sheriff's Office and Public Safety Communications for the entire three-year period of the proposed Amendment, are $2,209,838. There is no net County cost associated with this Amendment. The new position costs and offsetting revenues were already approved by your Board in the FY 2003-04 Adopted Budget.

This Amendment has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to legal form.