Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Employee and Public Services Department



December 18, 2003


January 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Mary Welch, Director of Employee and Public Services

Priscilla H. Morse, Risk Manager


Disposition of Claims Filed Against County


Deny the claims listed below.


Under authority of Resolution No. 35006 and Ordinance No. 2321, the Board directed the Director to process claims filed against the County. Further investigation may indicate justification for payment by the County. If so, payment will be made under the authority of the Risk Manager or will be brought back to the Board.


Discussion basis for excuse
The Risk Management Division has reviewed these claims and recommends that you take the following action:


Claim #


Recommended Board
Action and Basis


Claims recommended for denial:


Bath, James

11/7/03 Non-culpable


Claimant alleges lost personal property upon his release from the San Mateo Medical Center.



Clarke, Ryan Anthony

6/5/03 Non-culpable


Claimant, a minor, alleges he split his forehead open when he ran into a "dead end" sign in the center of Harvard Road in San Mateo which lacked any protective barriers.



Condon, Tom

11/21/03 Non-culpable


Claimant, an employee, alleges his truck was parked in the San Mateo Medical Center parking lot when it was struck and damaged by a Porte Potty.



Gallagher, Shannon

7/10/03 Non-culpable


Claimant alleges emotional distress due to being subjected to a visual body cavity search without reasonable suspicion prior to arraignment at the San Mateo County Jail.



Mohamed, Hany

6/12/03 Non-culpable


Claimant alleges he sustained severe injuries to his neck, shoulder, back, right hip, and right leg due to an automobile collision with a County of San Mateo vehicle.



Morawietz, Robert

8/03-9/03 Non-culpable


Claimant alleges County employees were working on a drainage problem in front of his home in El Granada and damaged his vehicle while it was parked in his driveway.



National Guardian Enterprise/Progressive Ins.

10/7/03 Non-culpable


Claimants allege their insured ran over a manhole cover that was not properly set into place and as a result the cover kicked up and damaged the vehicle.



Salmon, Charles

7/10/03 Non-culpable


Claimant alleges at or near the intersection of Portola Road and Willowbrook Drive he was injured while riding his bicycle when a negligently operated County of San Mateo vehicle unsafely turned in front of him.



Smith, Anita

8/1/03-8/14/03 Non-culpable

Claimant alleges she was wrongfully deprived of her civil rights by County of San Mateo Deputy Sheriffs' for refusing to provide her with adequate medical care for a fractured left arm causing her to have excruciating pain and severe emotional distress.


Vision Alignment

This item keeps the commitment of responsive, effective and collaborative government through goal number 20: Government decisions are based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than temporary relief or immediate gain.