Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager's Office



December 17, 2003


January 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Paul T. Scannell, Assistant County Manager


Permit Agreement with MetroPCS for the installation and operation of a Wireless Communication Facility in the County/EPA Community Services Building in East Palo Alto. Lease No. 5297



Adopt a Resolution authorizing the President of the Board of Supervisors to execute a Permit Agreement with MetroPCS Inc. for the installation and operation of a wireless communication facility in the County/EPA Community Services Building.



MetroPCS has submitted a proposal to the County to occupy a small area within the roof in the County/EPA Community Services Building for the installation, operation and maintenance of a wireless communication facility. The installation will include three cabinets and three antennas. County staff, including Facilities, has been working with MetroPCS to coordinate the location of the equipment. The agreement provides that the installation of the equipment be subject to approval of the County.



The term is for five years with a monthly fee of $2,400 with annual rental adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index. In addition the County will receive $1,500 for costs associated with the preparation, engineering and technical analysis to assure compatibility of the site.


Vision Alignment

The permit agreement keeps the commitment of responsive, effective and collaborative government and goal number 20: Government decisions are based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than temporary relief or immediate gain. The agreement contributes to this commitment and goal since it establishes a working agreement with benefits to both the County of San Mateo and MetroPCS while also benefiting the public.


Fiscal Impact

The permit fee will be deposited into the Department of Public Works' Facilities Account.