Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Human Services Agency



March 17, 2004


April 6, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Maureen D. Borland, Director, Human Services Agency


Yvonne Frazier, Director, Alcohol and Other Drug Services


Second Amendment to the Agreement with the California Department of Health Services for Tobacco Control Youth Coalition Services



Adopt a resolution authorizing the execution of a Second Amendment to the Agreement with the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) to increase the amount by $59,500 for a total obligation of $204,500 for American Legacy Foundation funded Tobacco Prevention Youth Coalition for the period February 1, 2001 through February 28, 2005.



In FY 2000-2001, the Human Services Agency Tobacco Prevention Program received a seven-month grant from the CDHS, funded by the American Legacy Foundation, to provide tobacco control youth coalition services. On March 13, 2001, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution authorizing the Director of the Human Services Agency to accept that grant and execute the Agreement.


In FY 2001-2002, the Human Services Agency received a 24-month contract extension for youth coalition services from CDHS, funded by the American Legacy Foundation. On November 20, 2001, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution authorizing the Director of Human Services Agency to execute a First Amendment for services for the period of September 1, 2001 through August 31, 2003.



The Tobacco Prevention Youth Coalition services will continue the services of the original grant award funded through the American Legacy Foundation/CDHS. The Youth Coalition contains three components. First, the youth will work to reduce youth access to tobacco products in retail sources by advocating for the adoption of a tobacco retailer permit ordinance in at least one target city within the county. Youth will educate merchants, community members, local law enforcement personnel and policy makers about the problem of youth access to tobacco in retail, how it contributes to the problem of youth smoking in San Mateo County, and how to prevent the sale of tobacco to minors through the adoption of a strong tobacco retailer permit ordinance at the local level. A case study will be prepared by an evaluation consultant to determine the effectiveness of youth efforts on reducing youth access to tobacco products.


In the second advocacy activity implemented by the Youth Coalition, teens will work with school districts within San Mateo County, urging districts to adopt a selective purchase policy indicating that tobacco company subsidiary food products will not be brought and sold in school vending machines, cafeterias and beaneries. Youth Coalition members will educate students, community members and policy makers about how tobacco companies use the profits from the subsidiary food products to market their tobacco products to teens both in the United States and abroad.


Finally, the Youth Coalition will develop a tracking system to monitor youth coalition participation in activities such as serving as media spokespersons, testifying at public hearings, writing letters, local data collection and participation at local media event. The tracking system will demonstrate that on average, each youth coalition member will have participated in at least six activities and that participating youth are from different ethnic or at-risk groups.


Due to delays at the State level, the Second Amendment was not received by the Human Services Agency until January 2004. This Second Amendment has been reviewed and approved as to form by the County Counsel's office, and the Contractor's insurance has been approved by Risk Management.


Vision Alignment

The Agreement with CDHS keeps the commitment of: Ensure basic health and safety for all and goal number 8: Help Vulnerable people the aged, disabled, mentally ill, at-risk youth and others - achieve a better quality of life. This Agreement contributes to this commitment and goal by providing tobacco cessation services, education and by limiting the access of tobacco to at-risk youth therefore reducing tobacco related illnesses in our community.


Fiscal Impact

This Second Amendment increases the amount of the Agreement from $145,000 to $204,500 and extends the term from September 1, 2003 to February 28, 2005. These funds will come to the County Human Services Agency, Tobacco Prevention Program through an extension to the Agreement with CDHS, funded by the American Legacy Foundation. There is no Net County Cost as a result of this transaction.