Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



March 19, 2004


April 6, 2004


Honorable Board of Supervisors


Neil R. Cullen, Director of Public Works


Reconstruction of Portions of Barney Avenue and Camino De Los Robles - West Menlo Park Area (County Projects No. RC501R & RA701, F-140 [A])



Adopt a resolution authorizing the Director of Public Works to:



proceed with the preparation of design plans to reconstruct portions of Barney Avenue and Camino De Los Robles to the following minimum standards:



Barney Avenue from Camino A Los Cerros to Cedar Avenue - 18' wide road with 3' valley gutters on each side



Camino De Los Robles from Alameda de las Pulgas to Altschul Avenue - 22' wide road with 3' valley gutters on each side.



defer consideration of constructing minimum improvements on Barney Avenue:



from Camino Al Lago to Camino A Los Cerros; and



from Cedar Avenue to Valparaiso Avenue,


based on the responses or the lack of responses received from the property owners on these blocks and as provided by the procedures that were adopted by your Board.


Previous Board Action

Adopted for the West Menlo Park area:



a priority list to be used in determining the sequence of future road improvements;



minimum road standards which consist of either a 22-foot wide or an 18-foot wide travel way with either 2 or 3 foot valley gutters on each side of the street;



procedures to be used by Public Works to determine if property owners want minimum road improvements built on a specific street, and the minimum road standard to be used in the design of the road improvements; and



a policy whereby improvements would be centered in the center of the right-of-way unless a shift in alignment was necessary to avoid street trees or other existing improvements.


Key Facts

We used the procedures adopted by your Board to determine if the property owners adjacent to Barney Avenue and Camino De Los Robles within the above described limits wanted minimum road improvements constructed and to which standard.


Our recommendations reflect the results of the surveys that were conducted based on the procedures adopted by your Board.



Attached is a summary of the responses to the surveys that we received from the property owners on the streets as described above. The majority of the property owners on each block, except on Barney Avenue between Cedar and Valparaiso Avenues, either responded that improvements should or should not be constructed on their block. Property owners representing more than 50 percent (50%) of the property frontage on Barney Avenue between Cedar and Valparaiso Avenues, either did not respond or responded that improvements were not wanted. Therefore, we are recommending that improvements not be considered for this block at this time pursuant to your Board's adopted guidelines.


Vision Alignment

We believe our recommendation is consistent with the Shared Commitment to "ensure basic health and safety for all," and Goal Number 7 "maintain and enhance the public safety of all residents and visitors," as reconstructing the streets in conformance with the procedures adopted by your Board and as requested by the property owners will improve these roads for the benefit of the public.


Fiscal Impact

The cost of constructing the streets as described above is estimated at $290,000 and is proposed to be financed with Road Funds. We will proceed with the design of both Barney Avenue and Camino De Los Robles if approved by your Board. However, we may have to defer the construction of Camino De Los Robles until a subsequent fiscal year based on the anticipated reduction of revenue into the Road Fund. The reduction in revenue is a result of the State transferring the sales tax on fuel to the State General Fund and an anticipated reduction in gasoline sales, and therefore gas taxes, due to the increased cost of gasoline.


There is no impact to the General Fund.


A form of resolution has been approved by County Counsel.