Inter-Departmental Correspondence


Office of Housing/Housing Authority



March 19, 2004



April 6, 2004



Honorable Board of Commissioners



Maureen Borland, Director, Human Services Agency


Steve Cervantes, Director, Office of Housing



Resolution No. 618-C Approving PHA Plan for the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo for FY 2004



Adopt Resolution No. 618-C approving the Public Housing Agencies (PHA) Plan for the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo for FY 2004 and authorizing the Director of the Office of Housing and/or the Manager of Housing Operations to execute any documents required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to certify the PHA Plan.



The Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act required housing authorities nationwide to create a PHA Plan that includes: 1) a statement of housing needs in the community; 2) a statement of the financial resources available to the Housing Authority to meet the needs; and 3) the Housing Authority's admissions policies. The PHA Plan for FY 2004 was created according to HUD regulations along with the public comment period and public comments were incorporated into the final PHA Plan.


This year's PHA Plan contains two major changes: 1) the opening of the Project Based waiting list for all Project Based Developments, and; 2) the establishment of a Homeownership Program.


The opening of the Project Based Waiting List is needed to comply with HUD's requirement that vacancies at Project Based units be filled only from the Housing Authority's waiting list where, previously, they used a waiting list established by each project. Families on the current Section 8 Voucher waiting list will be offered the opportunity to be on the waiting list for each Project Based Development. These families can also choose to be on both of the waiting lists.


The creation of these new lists offers current applicants the opportunity to obtain rental assistance earlier. It also allows families who missed the opening of the Section 8 Voucher waiting list the chance for assistance. The opening of this waiting list will also allow the creation of a waiting list for Half Moon Bay Village since that current waiting list is virtually exhausted.


The creation of the Homeownership Program received praise from the members of the Advisory Board as well as potential community partners such as PARCA and Habitat for Humanity. Although, the program will take several years to be fully operational, it will eventually offer the potential of homeownership to qualified Section 8 Voucher holders.



The certification requested by HUD states that the PHA Plan is consistent with the County's Consolidated Plan.


As required by HUD regulations, the PHA Plan must be transmitted electronically by April 14, 2004, along with the certification to formalize the PHA Plan for FY 2004.


The PHA Plan has been approved by the County Counsel's Office as to form.


Vision Alignment

The PHA Plan for the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo keeps the commitment of offering a full range of housing choices and goal #9 - Housing exists for people at all income levels and for all generations of families by informing San Mateo County residents of the housing programs available to them.


Fiscal Impact

There is no Net County Cost associated with the action. All funds required to operate the program are supplied by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.