Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



May 20, 2004


June 8, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Neil R. Cullen, Director of Public Works


Amendments to two Agreements with the Town of Woodside for the Town Center Sewer Assessment District



Acting as the Governing Board of the Fair Oaks Sewer Maintenance District (FOSMD), adopt a resolution authorizing the President of the Board, after the required fees have been paid, to execute amendments to the agreements between FOSMD and



the Town for the transmission of sanitary sewage from the Town Center Sewer Assessment District (TCSAD) through FOSMD's facilities to facilities operated by the City of Redwood City; and



the Town and the City of Redwood City for sanitary sewage capacity rights and services to the Town;


in order to allow a property with a failing septic system within the Town to receive sanitary sewer service.


Previous Board Action


Authorized the two agreements referenced above on August 7, 2001.



Adopted a minimum miscellaneous fee of $150 for services provided by a County sewer maintenance district to property owners not within the district.



Authorized similar amendments to the two agreements to allow connection of other property with a failing septic system to the TCSAD.


Key Facts


The residence at 225 Whiskey Hill Road has a failing septic system and is outside the TCSAD sewer area.



The Town has requested that the agreements be amended in order that sewer service can be provided to the property.



The agreements need to be amended if sewer service is to be provided to this residence.


The property at 225 Whiskey Hill Road is adjacent to but was not included in the TCSAD when the TCSAD was originally created. The original agreements allow for amendments and staff believes the proposed amendments are justified as the Town has confirmed that the property's septic system has failed, cannot be repaired and is a public health problem.


Vision Alignment

We believe our recommendation is consistent with the Shared Commitment of "ensure basic health and safety for all," and Goal Number 7, "maintain and enhance the public safety of all residents and visitors," as the agreements will allow for effective sanitary sewer service to a parcel which is located in a suburban area.


Fiscal Impact

The terms of the original agreement provide that FOSMD shall receive a connection fee equal to $1088.85 per parcel and an annual amount equal to one-third (1/3) of FOSMD's annual Sewer Service Charge, which is currently $227 per year. We are also recommending a miscellaneous fee of $150 as provided by the County Ordinance be paid to FOSMD to cover the staff time involved in reviewing the application, preparing the staff report and developing the amendments to the agreements. The total amount paid at this time to FOSMD is $1,238.85 (connection fee and miscellaneous fee). The Sewer Service Charge will be collected separately through the biannual payments from the Town of Woodside.


We are also recommending that the fees be paid prior to the President of the Board executing the amendments on behalf of FOSMD. There is no impact to the General Fund.


A form of resolution and amendments to the agreements have been reviewed and approved by County Counsel and the Town has executed the amendments to the agreements.