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Honorable Board of Supervisors


Maureen Borland, Director, Human Services Agency

Steve Cervantes, Director, Office of Housing


Agreement with YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula to provide funds for pre-development expenses for a new YMCA/Bell Park Community Center in the City of East Palo Alto




Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Execution of an Agreement with YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula in the amount of $100,000, for the term of 5/1/2004 to 6/30/2006.




In 1994 the County provided Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to assist the City of East Palo Alto to create a Master Plan for the Development of Bell Park Community Center. Over the intervening years, a number of individual projects have been completed in keeping with that Master Plan, including replacement of the swimming pool, and construction of pool changing rooms and the pool equipment building, and minor renovations of the existing gymnasium.


Rather than continuing to develop the Community Center in a piecemeal approach as funds became available, the City decided to contract with the YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula, which has a long standing track record for successful fund raising, for the YMCA to develop and run the entire project.




The funds provided under this Agreement would be used to pay for architectural and engineering costs for the design of the new building, of which $65,000 is from the County's FY 2003-04 CDBG allocation and $35,000 is from the FY 2004-05 CDBG allocation. The YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula has, thus far, raised over $8.5 million toward their overall goal of $13 Million; $4 million of this amount would be set aside as an endowment to ensure operational funding and provide subsidies to ensure that YMCA membership is affordable for all households in the community. The YMCA expects to actually break ground on this project in March of 2005. Construction should be completed within thirteen months of ground breaking.


This Agreement has been approved by the County Counsel's office as to form.


Risk Management has reviewed and approved the contractor's insurance coverage.


Vision Alignment


The Agreement with the YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula keeps the commitment of: Preserve and provide people access to our natural environment and goal number 15: Residents have nearby access to green space, such as parks and recreational opportunities. The Agreement contributes to this commitment and goal by providing a community recreation center to the residents of the City of East Palo Alto.


Fiscal Impact


This Agreement in the amount of $100,000 is funded from CDBG funds, of which $65,000 is included in the Housing adopted budget for FY 2003-04 and the amount of $35,000 is included in the Recommended Budget for FY 2004-05. There is no Net County Cost.