Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



May 3, 2004


June 8, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Neil R. Cullen, Director of Public Works


Installation of Stop Signs on Spring Street at its Intersection with Barron Avenue - North Fair Oaks Area



Adopt a resolution authorizing the installation of stop signs on Spring Street, County Road No. 660-B, at its intersection with Barron Avenue, County Road No. 668.


Key Facts

Stop signs are warranted on Spring Street at this intersection due to the limited sight distance available for motorists entering the intersection.



The California Highway Patrol initiated the request for stop signs due to a relatively high volume of vehicle accidents at the intersection.


We analyzed the accident history and confirmed that stop signs are warranted due to the volume of traffic and types of accidents that have occurred at this intersection.


Vision Alignment

We believe our recommendation is consistent with Goal number 7, "maintain and enhance the public safety of all residents and visitors," of your Board's Shared Vision Commitment to "ensure the basic health and safety for all," as stop signs will provide for the orderly flow of traffic through this intersection.


Fiscal Impact:

Installing the stop signs is estimated to cost $800 and is proposed to be funded with Road Funds that have been appropriated this fiscal year to finance small road related improvements or traffic related installations.


There is no impact to the General Fund.


A form of resolution authorizing the installation of the stop signs has been approved by County Counsel.