Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager’s Office



November 9, 2004


December 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


John Maltbie, County Manager


Employee of the Month for December 2004



Honor Brian Sasaki as Employee of the Month for December 2004 and authorize the President of the Board to sign the commendation.



The Employee of the Month program was established in December 1984 to recognize and honor County employees who consistently demonstrate an outstanding level of performance.

Our Employee of the Month for December 2004 is Brian Sasaki in the Public Safety Communications Division of Employee and Public Services.



Brian has worked for the County since April of 1997. He is an experienced Fire and EMS dispatcher with impeccable knowledge and skills. He is constantly looked at as a resource and a leader in day-to-day operations.

Brian just received a superior rating on his performance evaluation. He is a very dedicated employee. In the entire time he has worked for the County, he has never called in sick and he is always on time.

Brian has gone the extra mile on numerous occasions and participates in many committees and projects. These include:

    Quality Assurance Advocate for Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). In this program Brian works with other dispatchers to promote quality EMD. He works with the team to brainstorm issues and find solutions to center-wide issues.

    Fire Incident Dispatcher Team member. This team sends a dispatcher to the scene of a second alarm or greater fire in the County. Brian has been recognized by various command staff members throughout the County for his assistance at the command post during multiple incidents. The 6 alarm Cunha Store fire in Half Moon Bay and the 6 alarm grass fire/structure fire in Hillsborough are a couple examples where Brian’s performance has been exemplary.

    Evacuation Drill Committee. Brian works with Supervisor Don Maynard to ensure that all dispatchers are trained and experienced on using our emergency back-up center at Fire Station 9.

    Communications Training Officer. Brian has great patience in teaching new dispatchers or cross-training dispatchers. His dispatch experience, as well as past field paramedic work, assists him in providing a clear picture of how the job impacts our customers and the citizens.

Brian is always accountable. He takes full responsibility for his actions. He offers up his point of view with out making excuses or blaming others. He is very accepting of feedback and applies what he learns immediately.

Our County is fortunate to have Brian Sasaki as one of its outstanding employees.


Vision Alignment

This item keeps the commitment of responsive, effective and collaborative government through goal number 21: County employees understand, support and integrate the County vision and goals into their delivery of services.