Inter-Departmental Correspondence





November 22, 2004



10:00 a.m.



December 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors



Marcia Raines, Director of Environmental Services



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Consideration of a Use Permit Amendment, pursuant to Section 6500 of the San Mateo County Zoning Regulations, to replace the existing tennis court lighting providing light to the six existing tennis courts at the Ladera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club located off Alpine Road in the unincorporated Portola Valley area of San Mateo County. (Appeal from the Planning Commission’s decision denying the Use Permit Amendment based on the inability to pass a motion to approve it.)




Grant the appeal and approve the Use Permit Amendment for the tennis court lighting as agreed to by the parties through mediation by making the required findings and adopting the conditions of approval.




The Ladera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club is requesting to replace the existing tennis court lighting serving the six existing tennis courts.




The Planning Commission action on this matter was as follows. Commissioner Wong moved to approve the application but at a lower lighting level, 60-foot candles. Commissioner Kennedy seconded the motion. Commissioners Bomberger and Silver were opposed. Commissioner Nobles was absent. The effect of the resulting 2-2 vote was denial of the application based on the inability to pass a motion to approve it.




The Ladera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club tennis court lighting was approved in 1986. The six tennis courts have six lighting fixtures each. The Club has determined that the existing tennis court lights are inadequate. The existing lights are below levels appropriate for a club or recreational tennis play and the Club reports accidents due to inadequate light. The private swim and tennis Club is located off Alpine Road, which is a County Scenic Road. Located directly across the street from the Club is an office and shopping complex with private residences located up and behind the office complex. The concerns of the neighbors were the impacts they will experience due to the increased lighting levels and fixtures. At the September 14, 2004 Board of Supervisors meeting, the Club and the residents in the community requested a continuance to November 9, 2004 to allow them the opportunity to enter into mediation with the goal of reaching a solution regarding the proposed lighting. At the November 9, 2004 meeting, the Club and the community presented to the Board of Supervisors an agreement signed by all parties. Staff requested a continuance to December 7, 2004 to review the agreement and prepare a report with associated conditions of approval that were in alignment with the agreement.




The Club is requesting to replace the six fixtures per court. Proposed lighting shields will direct rays to the court surface and away from Alpine Road and Los Trancos Creek. Light timers will also ensure that lighting is on only during agreed upon hours. The Club will also install motion detectors so that lights on courts not in use cannot be turned on.


Staff has completed their review of the agreement between concerned parties and believes the proposal, as conditioned, complies with applicable regulations. Staff recommends that your Board approve the proposal.