Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Health Services Agency



November 2, 2004


December 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Charlene A. Silva, Director of Health Services

Gale Bataille, Director of Mental Health Services


Agreement with the State Department of Mental Health for Mental Health Services for People Affected by AIDS



Adopt a resolution authorizing the President of the Board to execute an agreement with the State Department of Mental Health for mental health services for people affected by AIDS.



The State Department of Mental Health (DMH) first awarded AIDS funding to San Mateo County Mental Health Services in 1987-88. FY 2004-07 will be the 18th year of this funding. Under this grant, San Mateo County Mental Health Services has received $60,000 annually, in three-year blocks, to provide mental health services to people with AIDS/HIV and others affected by, or at risk of contracting the disease.



This funding will be used to provide mental health services to clients of the AIDS Program. In May 2004 a Request for Proposals was issued to select a provider of individual and group counseling services. Family and Children Services was the only respondent, and was subsequently awarded the contract. A portion of these funds are used to support psychiatric services provided by Medical Center staff.


This Agreement was not received from the DMH until September 2004.


The following services will be provided: counseling intervention, cultural and ethnic specific services and psychiatric consultation. The grant funding is as follows:


Budget Item

FY 2004-05

FY 2005-06

FY 2006-07

Psychiatric services




Counseling services (Family and Children Services)




County administration fee




Annual funding maximum





Vision Alignment

This Agreement with the DMH keeps the commitment to Ensure Basic Health and Safety for All, and goal number 8: Help vulnerable people – the aged, disabled, mentally ill, at risk youth, and others – achieve a better quality of life. The Agreement contributes to this commitment and goal by providing mental health services to AIDS Program clients and clients receiving services through the Mental Health Plan in San Mateo County.


Fiscal Impact

The term of this agreement is from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2007. The agreement has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel.


The contract maximum is $180,000 over three years. This program is 100% funded by the Department of Mental Health AIDS grant. The amount of $60,000 has been included in the approved FY 2004-05 Mental Health Services budget. There is no net County cost.