Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Human Services Agency



November 16, 2004


December 7, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Maureen D. Borland, Director, Human Services Agency

Mark Lane, Director, Children and Family Services


Second Amendment to the Agreement with Garfield Elementary Charter School



Adopt a Resolution authorizing execution of a Second Amendment to the Agreement with Garfield Elementary Charter School (GECS) for payment to the County in the amount of $49,930 for FY 2004-05, to reimburse the County partial payment of salaries and benefits for staff out posted at the Family Resource Center for a total obligation of $125,485. The term of this Agreement is July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2005.



In 1999, Human Services Agency (HSA) collaborated with GECS by out posting a Psychiatric Social Worker to provide counseling for children and their families, who attended the school or lived in the area serviced by the school. This school has many economically deprived students and many students who speak English as a second language.

On January 29, 2003, HSA and GECS entered into a three-year Agreement for reimbursement to HSA for the services of a Psychiatric Social Worker posted at the school. Each fiscal year GECS reimburses HSA for one half of the salaries and benefits for the Psychiatric Social Worker.

On April 1, 2004, HSA and GECS amended the Agreement to add funds for FY 2003-04.



This Second Amendment to the Revenue Agreement is for the reimbursement for Fiscal Year 2004-05 for the salaries and benefits of the Psychiatric Social Worker. GECS is committed to partnering with the parents and community services to provide quality education and to help their students achieve academic success.



The Agreement with the Garfield Elementary Charter School keeps the commitment of: Ensuring basic health and safety for all and goal number 6: Children grow up healthy in safe and supportive homes and neighborhoods. The Agreement with Garfield Elementary Charter School contributes to this commitment and goal by providing outreach to the community informing of services available to children and their families.



The term of the Revenue Agreement is July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2005. GECS will reimburse HSA a maximum of $49,930, in partial salaries and benefits for FY 2004-05 for a total obligation of $125,485. Funding for this Revenue Agreement has been included in the FY 2004-05 Out of Home Placement Budget.