Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Sheriff’s Office



November 23, 2004


December 7, 2004






Honorable Board of Supervisors



Sheriff Don Horsley



Agreement With Northrop Grumman Public Safety, Inc. for Provision of Mobile Data Computers for Sheriff’s Patrol Vehicles



Adopt a Resolution:



Authorizing the President of the Board to execute an Agreement with Northrop Grumman Public Safety Inc. for mobile data computers and related hardware and software for Sheriff’s Office Patrol vehicles in an amount not to exceed $593,836, including a $54,000 contingency for unanticipated changes in products or services.


Authorizing the Sheriff to approve subsequent amendments and minor modifications to the executed Agreement, provided they can be made without an increase in the total contract amount.



Commitment: Ensure Basic Health and Safety for All

Goal 7: Maintain and enhance the public safety of all residents and visitors.

This Agreement enhances public safety by increasing the data communication capabilities and access to critical law enforcement information of Sheriff’s Deputies on patrol, helping ensure persons wanted for dangerous crimes can be safely identified & apprehended.


Performance Measures. The following performance measures are applicable to the recommended Agreement:


Calendar 2004

Calendar 2005

1. Minimum percentage of on-line effective operation of CommandPoint Mobile System expected during and after 30-day Acceptance Test Period, following installation of system in Sheriff’s Patrol vehicles

0 %

95 %

2. Number and % of Patrol Vehicles which are able to consistently upload patrol reports and download briefing information and software updates, through the CommandPoint Mobile HotSpot uplink substation locations (note: 5 standby vehicles to be added later)

0 / 0%

51 / 91%



On December 17, 2002, your Board approved Resolution No.65711, approving execution of an Agreement with Tiburon, Inc. for the implementation of a Sheriff’s Records Management System (RMS). Tiburon, in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, successfully implemented the RMS system in the Spring of 2004, and the system is now used throughout various field services and investigative bureaus of the department.

In the Board transmittal accompanying the Tiburon Agreement, the next phase of this long-term technological upgrade of County law enforcement services was discussed, which is the installation of mobile data terminals in Sheriff’s Patrol vehicles, so that field service Deputies and Sergeants can access the RMS system for the purpose of uploading crime reports, and accessing critical law enforcement State and County databases, such as CLETS, CJIS, DMV, State Parole, and other computer systems. This in-the-field access to data systems offers both a productivity enhancement, as well as a critical officer safety improvement, for Sheriff’s sworn personnel. Sheriff’s Deputies currently lack wireless access to these important data and report writing capabilities, which is an advantage now commonly enjoyed by many other law enforcement agencies in the County.



The Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the County Information Services Department, the County Public Works Department Motor Pool, and the Public Safety Communications Division of Employee & Public Services, conducted a thorough RFP process to select a mobile data computer vendor. Eight RFP’s were distributed to interested major companies; there were five responding vendors, who were eventually narrowed down to two finalists candidates: Motorola Corp. and Northrop Grumman, Inc. Out of the two finalist candidates, the multi-departmental selection committee chose Northrop Grumman Public Safety Inc. as the vendor best suited to provide the hardware and software needed to implement mobile data computers in Patrol vehicles.

Under the recommended Agreement, Northrop Grumman will install their CommandPoint Mobile system on hardened on-board law enforcement computers, which will be installed in the dash panel of Sheriff’s Patrol vehicles. Utilizing a combination of AT&T “Edge” wireless communications; remote location repeater and transmission devices; and “hotspot” uplinks located at strategic locations in the unincorporated areas, the on-board computers will allow Deputies to access the RMS system; upload crime reports completed in the field; run DMV license plate checks and search the statewide CLETS system; and provide access to the countywide LawNet network, which will eventually provide access to local San Mateo County police agency databases.

The recommended Agreement and Resolution have been reviewed and approved as to form by County Counsel.



The cost of the entire package, including all mobile computer equipment & power supplies; communications network equipment; operating software; officer training; implementation project management; and taxes is $539,836.. Additionally, there is a $54,000 contingency, to be used only at the Sheriff’s discretion, built into this proposal for the following reasons:

1. Possible need to have Northrop Grumman (through a third party subcontractor) complete the actual on-board hardware installations in Sheriff’s Patrol vehicles, in coordination with County Department of Public Works Motor Pool staff (presently, the project plan calls for Motor Pool staff themselves to complete this work, but all parties recognize this plan is somewhat experimental in terms of the time availability of Motor Pool staff to complete the installations on a timely basis as called for in the contract, over and above their regular daily workload duties.)

2. Possible need for additional wireless access points to better handle the varied and challenging geography of the County – although planned well “on the paper map”, communications clarity cannot be fully tested & evaluated until the originally planned access points are actually up in operation.

The maximum cost for this project if all contingency funds were to be used, is $593,836. These funds are specifically included within the Sheriff’s Office FY 2004-05 Adopted Budget. In future fiscal years, there will be ongoing annual maintenance costs estimated to be approximately $45,000, which will be included in future year budgets. Once this project is completed, the department will also be able to add in additional vehicles, as needed over time, at a marginal incremental cost of about $6,000 per vehicle.



Chris Flatmoe, Chief Information Officer

Robert Radcliffe, DPW Maintenance Services

Steve Dupre, ISD Radio Services Manager

Jaime Young, Public Safety Communications

Robert Bustichi, Public Safety Communications

Dennis Ryan Sheriff’s IT Manager

Exhibit A

Request for Proposal (RFP) Matrix


General Description of RFP

Implementation of on-board computers with wireless remote communications capability for Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles, including these planned uses:

    Data communications between Dispatch and the computers in the Patrol cars.

    Access to Countywide, secure applications (for example, CLETS) from Patrol cars.

    Transmission of reports between Patrol units and the Sheriff’s Office network.

    Access to e-mail from the Patrol cars.


List key Evaluation Criteria

Wireless IP access solution

Comprehensive “turnkey” solution & approach

System security (Data, physical, etc.)

Equipment is good match to Sheriff’s Patrol vehicles

Mobile hardware matches RFP specifications

Adequacy of County wireless coverage

Environmental specifications & durability

Future expansion capability

Use of modularized, open architecture components & pre-installed software maximized

Hardware warranty terms & conditions

Documentation (tech, user, install)

Customer & system maintenance support options

Training (end user, technical, installation)

Project schedule & timeline

Cost of hardware and consulting/training support

Demonstrated extensive successful prior installation experience in similar law enforcement agencies

Ability to work cooperatively with DPW County staff on installation issues


Where advertised

Sheriff’s Office web site

SEARCH Statewide web site

News media advertisements


In addition to any advertisement, list others to whom RFP was directly sent






L-3 Communications

Motorola, Inc.

Northrop Grumman PSI, Inc.


Total number of RFP’s sent to prospective proposers



Number of proposals received



Who evaluated the proposals?

Don O'Keefe - Captain Support Services

Tom Maloney, Sheriff’s Lieutenant

Ken Jones, Sheriff’s Lieutenant

Steve Dupre, Manager, ISD Radio Shop

Patrick Galassi, ISD Communications Division

Robert Bustichi, Public Safety Communications

Joe Cushieri, Motor Pool Manager

Lee Lazaro, Director of Finance & Administration

Dennis Ryan, IT Manager Sheriff's Office

Dave Triolo, Sheriff’s Sergeant

Phil Bissada, Sheriff's Office IT Analyst

Chuck Calderhead, FBI Forensic Computer Lab Tech

Patrol Bureau - Various Deputies & Sergeants attended vendors' display of installed hardware


In alphabetical order, names of proposers (or finalists, if applicable) and location

Motorola, Inc., San Diego, Ca

Northrop Grumman PSI, Inc., San Francisco, CA