Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Environmental Services Agency



November 24, 2004


December 14, 2004



Honorable Board of Supervisors


Marcia Raines, Director, Environmental Services Agency


Support Letter for Folger Estate Stable Committee



Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors authorize the attached letter from President Church to the Folger Estate Stable Committee. The purpose of the letter is to demonstrate the County’s support for the Committee’s fundraising efforts in advance of more formal agreements, which are yet to be developed.



The Folger Estate Stable Committee (Committee) has committed to private fundraising for the renovation of the Folger Estate Stable and associated facilities (Stable); the total estimated cost of the renovation—for which plans have not been completed—is $5 million. The renovation plans are being coordinated with the Huddart/Wunderlich Parks Master Plan to ensure that the work on the Stable is in concert with, and even enhances, the remainder of the planned improvements.



On November 15, Supervisor Gordon hosted the latest in a series of meetings of the Folger Estate Stable Task Force, the purpose of which is to bring together representatives of the Committee and the County to discuss financial management of the project, and the program, management, and maintenance of the restored stable. It is expected that the County and Committee will eventually enter into one or more formal agreements (Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) or others), to fully describe the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

There are several points of discussion that remain before work can begin on crafting MOUs and the Task Force has scheduled further meetings. In the meantime, the Committee wants to begin its fundraising efforts in earnest in the near future and needs some indication of the endorsement of the County to show to potential donors. At the November 15 meeting, it was agreed that a letter from the President, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and the County, would meet that need.

The attached letter was reviewed and recommended for approval by the Parks and Recreation Commission at their December 2 meeting. In addition, Committee representatives have reviewed the letter and agree that the language is suitable for their purposes.


Vision Alignment

The Folger Estate Stable Project (Project) responds to our commitment to Preserve and provide people access to our natural environment, particularly Goal 14: Important natural resources are preserved and enhanced through environmental stewardship and Goal 15: Residents have nearby access to green space, such as parks and recreational opportunities. The Project will provide an enhanced park experience, especially for equestrian users and renters. Further, the improvements made in conjunction with the Project will reduce negative environmental impacts of the operation, thus improving the overall environmental quality of Wunderlich Park.

In addition, the public-private partnership envisioned between the County and the Folger Estate Stable Committee furthers the commitment (from the County) to Responsive, effective and collaborative government, particularly Goal 22: County and local governments effectively communicate, collaborate and develop strategic approaches to issues affecting the entire County, and the commitment (from the Committee) to Goal 24: Residents accept individual responsibility for contributing to the quality of life of the County as a whole.


Fiscal Impact

There is no fiscal impact from the letter. In the future, staff and the Committee will develop formal agreement(s) that will, among other matters, describe the County’s fiscal responsibilities related to this project, and the ongoing operations of the Folger Estate Stable.