Criteria for Providing Garbage Service in South Bayside Waste Management Authority Service Area (Bayside Area from Burlingame South to the San Mateo/Santa Clara County Line Excluding Portola Valley and Woodside)

January 2007


Collection Districts

The South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) service area will be divided into two (2) collection districts for the purpose of receiving proposals - Belmont/Foster City north to the northern limits of Burlingame; and San Carlos/Redwood City south to the County, Portola Valley and Woodside are not included, as they are not member agencies of SBWMA and receive garbage service from another hauler.


Disposal of Collected Waste

All collected solid waste, recyclables, plant material and commercial food wastes will continue to be delivered to the SBWMA Shoreway Facilities.


Minimum Residential Program

Weekly collection of garbage at the curb.

Weekly collection (rather than the current bi-weekly collection) of recyclables and yard waste at the curb.



Single-stream recyclables collection services (all recyclables - bottles, cans, and mixed paper, placed in one container rather than the current dual-stream collection in which recyclables are separated by the customer by material type and placed in two [2] containers).


Contractor’s Compensation

Compensation to be determined on a cost plus profit basis set by detailed reviews every third year with indexed adjustments in interim years.


Contract Term

Initial seven (7) year term with the right to extend to twenty (20) years.


Performance Standards

Included in the franchise agreement, still to be finalized.


Competitive Wages and Worker Retention

Language will be included in the franchise requiring competitive wages; and the retention of existing workers will be required for at least the first 90 days of contract.


Use of Alternative Fuels

The use of the Best Management Practices will be encouraged as the types of vehicles that will be on the market is changing due to various California Air Resources Board regulations.


County Standards to be Used

County standard contract provisions including employee jury service, non-discrimination and equal benefits shall be included in the County franchise agreements.


Other Provisions

Other provisions for additional services may be included in the franchise agreement with accompanying fees for said additional service.