Inter-Departmental Correspondence



February 19, 2008


February 26, 2008







Honorable Board of Supervisors


John L. Maltbie, County Manager

Mary McMillan. Deputy County Manager 363-4129



Shared Vision 2025



Accept this preliminary report on Shared Vision 2025



Commitment: Responsive, effective and collaborative government; Leaders work together across boundaries to preserve and enhance our quality of life.

Goal(s): Government decisions are based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than temporary relief or immediate gain; Residents express their support for regional, collaborative approaches to issues.



In 2001, the Board of Supervisors presented Shared Vision 2010, a report on the values and vision of the people of San Mateo County. The report, developed after numerous community forums, set 10 commitments and 25 measurable goals for the coming decade.


Last year, the Board determined it was time to revisit the Shared Vision 2010 plan to update the goals and progress measures for another 10 years and beyond. With the assistance of a Community Steering Committee, the process of learning how the community vision has evolved over the past decade was launched September 29 at a kick-off forum in Redwood City. This was followed by community forums in Foster City on October 9; Millbrae on October 10; Daly City on October 11; and Half Moon Bay on October 22. A stakeholder forum with broad participation from County non-profit partners, legislative leadership, faith-based providers, educators and the business community was conducted on November 2. A forum specifically for County employees was conducted providing the opportunity to not only create new goals, weigh-in on existing goals, but also to develop new progress measures.


On December 3, 2007 the Youth Town Hall, co-sponsored by the San Mateo County Youth Commission, drew the largest participation with about 100 middle and high school students. Two Spanish language forums were conducted. Additionally, an on-line survey has had 680 complete the questionnaire over the past three months.


In total, over the past four months the combination of the on-line questionnaire and community forums have drawn more than 1,000 participants to answer the question: What is the most important goal that San Mateo County should set for the year 2025?



On February 26, 2008, an afternoon session of your Board will provide you with the opportunity to review the results of the community civic engagement process with consultants John Melville and Doug Henton of Collaborative Economics, and discuss next steps. Attached please find the combined preliminary results of the community forums and online survey. This report ranks the new and the 2010 goals by their weighted vote, allowing you to compare and contrast. It calls out the top vote-getters. Though using different verbiage, some goal remain a priority:

    Youth succeed;

    Growth occurs in proximity to transit; and

    Collaboration is valued.

Some new priorities emerged:

    Reduce global warming; and

    Develop an economic strategy.

Additionally, several broader, over-arching themes have emerged:

    Prevention and intervention;

    Improving social justice outcomes; and

    Sustainable community.


Due to the amount of data, the number of new and old goals to be integrated, and a possible new framework, your Board may wish to consider directing staff to work with the Community Steering Committee to refine the themes, goals and progress measures; and bring for your consideration a final recommended Shared Vision 2025 plan.



The FY 2007-08 Budget provides $75,000 for Collaborative Economics. Depending on further Board directions adequate funds is available in the FY 2008-09 Budget to complete the process and prepare the final report.