A permanent accessory residential unit shall be permitted for the purposes of housing a caretaker employed on the site, providing that the total number of caretaker’s quarters in the Waterfront (W) District does not exceed twenty (20) percent of the developed parcels in the district. Caretaker’s quarters are subject to the following requirements:



Occupancy Requirements. The resident of the dwelling is to be the owner or lessee, or an employee of the owner or lessees of the site. The application for development of a caretaker’s quarters shall include a developer’s statement explaining the need for caretaker’s quarters and responsibilities of the caretaker/resident.



Development Standards. Caretaker’s quarters must conform to all of the development standards of the primary zoning district, including minimum building site requirements. In addition, caretaker’s quarters are subject to the following requirements:



Establishment of Caretaker’s Quarters. Caretaker’s quarters must be built within the building of the primary use on the property.



Maximum Unit Size. The floor area of a caretaker’s unit may not exceed thirty-five (35) percent of the floor area of the main building up to a maximum of seven hundred and fifty (750) sq. ft.



Setbacks. Setbacks for caretaker’s quarters must conform to building code requirements.



Trailers and Mobile Homes. Trailers and mobile homes for caretaker’s residences are not permitted.



Acknowledgment of Land Use Priorities. A written statement will be obtained from each property owner at time of building permit for the caretaker’s quarters, acknowledging that marine and general industrial uses are the primary land uses in the Waterfront (W) District, and residents of caretaker’s quarters may be subject to inconveniences arising from the reasonable execution of such businesses.