Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager’s Office



January 12, 2009


January 27, 2009




4/5 Vote



Honorable Board of Supervisors


David S. Boesch, County Manager


Proposed naming of the Education Center to be constructed at Edgewood Park the “Bill and Jean Lane Education Center at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve”



Adopt a resolution naming the education center at the County’s Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve the “Bill and Jean Lane Education Center at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve.”



Commitment: Preserve and provide people access to our natural environment.

Goal 14: Important natural resources are preserved and enhanced through environmental stewardship.



The Master Plan for the County’s Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve adopted in 1997 included reviewing the feasibility of opening an interpretive center to support environmental education and foster volunteer activities. Based upon this, the County Parks and Recreation Foundation funded a feasibility study and subsequent concept plan for the Center and its exhibits. The concept plan was adopted by the County in January 2003. Environmental review was completed in October 2004. Phase 1, the environmental enhancements to the parking area and access at the main entrance, were completed in fall 2005.


The plans and specifications for the building and the educational exhibits will be finalized this month. The Lanes’ gift significantly closed the funding gap for the Center, and fundraising will be completed in the first quarter of 2009. It is expected that the Department of Parks, working through the Department of Public Works, will forward a Request for Bids for the Center's construction to the Board in March or April 2009, with a goal of beginning construction in August 2009. The grand opening for the Center is anticipated to be March 2010 just in time for the Spring wildflower walks.



The proposal to name the Edgewood Center after the Lanes came from the County Parks Foundation, through the Parks Director to the County Manager. As specified in the County naming ordinance, the County Manager is recommending this nomination after reviewing the ordinance and ensuring that the nominees’ meet all the criteria set out by the Board. The County Ordinance governing facility-naming states that citizens so honored must have made a significant contribution to the betterment of San Mateo County. The ordinance includes three specific criteria:


    The period of time over which the individual made a significant contribution

    The number of people that were directly or indirectly impacted by the contribution

    The extent to which the actions of the individual bettered the lives of those impacted by the contribution


The Lanes’ numerous contributions to the County meet all three criteria. They have contributed to many different environmental programs, over many years, to improve recreation opportunities and protect endangered environments throughout San Mateo County. In addition to their significant gift for the Edgewood Center, the Lanes’ have made generous contributions for the renovation of the Folger Estate Stable, the restoration of the Bay checkerspot butterfly habitat at Edgewood, local equestrian efforts to provide all season trails in Huddart Park, the playground at Flood Park, and general support for the Parks Foundation and the “Parks for the Future” efforts.


The Master Plan for Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve provides for an education center that will serve as a focal point to inform the public about the Park and Natural Preserve, and create an understanding for the importance of environmental stewardship. Bill and Jean Lane have been significant supporters, financially and through leadership, for environmental stewardship and education. They have over many decades been advocates and doers in creating an environmentally sustainable future for San Mateo County. Naming this facility in honor of their many contributions to the quality of our open spaces and parklands in San Mateo County will memorialize their contributions.



There is no fiscal impact to the County. The Lanes are providing a significant financial contribution for the construction of the Center that will serve to facilitate the final private funding to complete the project.