Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Public Works



May 8, 2009


May 19, 2009







Honorable Board of Supervisors


James C. Porter, Director of Public Works


Acquisition of Alternative Fueled Vehicles and Equipment



Adopt a resolution:



Determining that the best interests of the County would be served without the necessity of competitive bidding, and therefore, waiving the competitive procurement process, and



Authorizing the Purchasing Agent to enter into a Purchase Order with Ricker Machinery, Golden Gate Truck Center, MME, and Bayshore International for the purchase of construction vehicles and equipment, and



Authorizing the Director of Public Works to sign the grant agreement with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to receive $500,000 in grant funding, and



Authorizing the allocation of up to $1,100,000 from the Road Fund as matching funds for the grant.



Commitment: Preserve and provide people access for our natural environment.

Goal 14: Important natural resources are preserved and enhanced through environmental stewardship.


The authorization requested in this report is to replace on-road construction vehicles with new items that will produce significantly less Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. One of the Key Department Initiatives for Public Works that is included in the 2006-07 and 2007-08 Outcomes Based Management plan, is to “Reduce the County’s Impact on Climate Change by Reducing CO2 Emissions.”



The Vehicle & Equipment Section of the Public Works Department maintains the equipment used by County staff for the on-going repair and maintenance of 316 miles of County owned roads. Many of the heavy equipment items are twenty or more years old, and emit significant pollutants that contribute to poor air quality and greenhouse gases.


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has allowed governmental entities to apply for matching funds to replace older, polluting heavy equipment with new environmentally friendly equipment. Public Works has submitted a proposal requesting $500,000.00 dollars to acquire the following pieces of equipment that would replace the older counterparts:


Three, Hybrid 6 yard Dump Truck


One, Hybrid Patch Truck


One, Hybrid 1500 gal. Water Truck


One, CNG Street Sweeper


One, CNG Vacon & Flasher Truck



One of the goals of the Public Works Department is to seek funding opportunities to replace older vehicles and equipment with comparable items that are more environmentally friendly, particularly in terms of the use of fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of the primary funding sources for these acquisitions has been the BAAQMD. Recently they have provided an opportunity for local governmental agencies to request funding to replace construction equipment and off-road vehicles. The amount of this funding will apply to the difference in purchase price between new diesel vehicles and their clean air equivalents. County Counsel will review the agreement if and when the funds are awarded.


The Vehicles & Equipment Section of Public Works identified seven pieces of equipment that met the BAAQMD’s criteria for this funding, and notified other County departments to advise them of this opportunity. No other departments had equipment that met the criteria for replacement. In order to qualify for the funds, the acquisition must be completed by the end of December 30, 2010. The equipment is custom made and is expected to take about one year from the date of the order to delivery. Therefore in order to meet the BAAQMD’s timeframe, it will be necessary to place the order as soon as confirmation is received from BAAQMD that the $500,000 dollars has been awarded to San Mateo County. It is expected that the award will be made in September 2009.


Ricker Machinery, Golden Gate Truck Center, MME, and Bayshore International has been selected as the vendors because it offers government pricing and has been approved by the California Air Resources Board for the acquisition of this equipment. In order to qualify for the grant funding, the applicant can only use vendors that have been pre-approved by the BAAQMD and only equipment that has been certified as meeting emission standards can be purchased.


The Resolution has been approved as to form by County Counsel.



Grant funding has been requested from the BAAQMD in the amount of $500,000 Dollars. Matching funds up to a maximum of $1,100,000 has been included in the Department recommended Road Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2009-10. There will be no impact on the County’s General Fund.