Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager’s Office



January 12, 2010


January 26, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David S. Boesch, County Manager


Employee of the Month for January 2010



Honor Ida daRoza as Employee of the Month for January 2010 and authorize the President of the Board to sign the commendation.



The Employee of the Month program was established in December 1984 to recognize and honor County employees who consistently demonstrate an outstanding level of performance.


Our Employee of the Month for January 2010 is Ida daRoza, a Librarian II in the San Mateo County Library.



Ida began her career with the County in 2006 and is assigned to work in the Access Services Division of the San Mateo County Library in the capacity of Cataloging Librarian.


Since joining the County, Ida has done extensive work to streamline work processes in the Access Services Division, saving time and money for the Library. One of her first projects was to simplify procedures for cataloging and classifying books so that they required less staff intervention and, therefore, were made available to the public in a much shorter timeframe.


Ida is committed to professional development and is a leader in her field. Because of her vigorous approach to continuing education she has been able to lead the San Mateo County Library by implementing innovative ideas and approaches learned from other libraries and professionals. Of particular note, Ida was recently awarded the 2009 California Library Association Technical Services Interest Group Award of Achievement in recognition of her leadership role in California libraries.


In addition, Ida has played an active role in outreach to the community. She has facilitated book discussion groups for incarcerated juveniles at the Youth Services Center and planned library programs of interest to the Latino community. She has also worked hard to build Spanish language collections in the San Mateo County Libraries and currently purchases and catalogs Spanish language materials. Finally, Ida has recently begun participating in County-wide literacy initiatives.


Ida’s enthusiastic participation in the constant improvement of department procedures and workflow, as well as her interest in community outreach, makes her an exemplary librarian and County employee.


Approval of the Employee of the Month contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of Prosperous Community by recognizing employees that foster innovation and excellence in the services provided.


Our County is fortunate to have Ida daRoza as one of its outstanding employees.