Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Parks



March 24, 2010


April 13, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David G. Holland, Director, Department of Parks


Request to Amend the Department of Parks Fee Schedule



Adopt a Resolution amending the Department of Parks Fee Schedule to authorize dry boat and trailer storage at Coyote Point Marina at a cost of $50 per month for a 10-foot by 20-foot space and $75 per month for a 10-foot by 40-foot space.



Dock 29 at the Coyote Point Marina is not in service because of accumulated damage from aging and severe storms and is anticipated to be replaced in two to three years. In the interim, the parking lot for that dock is not used.



A number of Marina tenants have expressed the need for a dry boat storage area to park a boat trailer or a boat and trailer for an extended period of time. Many other marinas have such storage. Marina staff has identified the unused Dock 29 parking lot as an area where dry boat storage could be provided on a short-term basis.


The Parks Department proposes to establish a temporary dry boat storage area, which would establish if there is a real need for Marina tenant dry boat storage at Coyote Point and would generate income for the Marina. If the dry boat storage area proves successful, a larger more permanent dry boat storage area could be considered in one of the unused areas of the Marina or the Park. Twelve Marina tenants are currently on a waiting list for the proposed dry boat storage area.


The proposed dry boat storage area is approximately 40-foot wide by 120-foot in length in which (24) 10-foot x 20-foot spaces would be created. For longer trailers, two 10-foot by 20-foot spaces would be joined end to end to make the larger space. An electric security gate arm currently in place provides security to the area and contract security posted at the Park entrance gatehouse after hours provides additional oversight.


This proposed dry boat storage would be offered to current Marina tenants only and is intended for the storage of smaller secondary watercraft ranging from eight-foot to 32-foot boats and not for the storage of boats currently berthed in the Marina. Any trailers or boats stored in this area would be required to be in proper operating and seaworthy condition, to be insured and currently registered. RVs, trucks, autos, motorcycles, storage containers, or anything other than boats or trailers would not be allowed. Repairs, painting, maintenance, or other such activities to boats or trailers in this area would be prohibited.


This proposed dry boat storage area would be temporary and is planned to be returned to its intended purpose once Dock 29 has been replaced. Preparing the area for storage use and returning it to parking for tenants would be done by Marina staff at an estimated cost of $1,000.


Each of the dry boat storage spaces would be rented on a month-to-month basis with 30-days written notice from either tenant or landlord for termination of the rental. Fees would be included in the monthly billing statements or collected at the Marina Office. Storage fees at comparable facilities for the proposed 10-foot x 40-foot spaces average about $112 per month. An initial monthly rental rate of $50 for 10-foot x 20-foot spaces or $75 a month for 10-foot x 40-foot spaces is being proposed. Future adjustments of the rental rates to the market average will be reviewed annually.


The proposed amendments to the Department of Parks Fee Schedule contribute to the Livable Communities 2025 Shared Vision outcome by maintaining a proper relationship between costs and revenues and by assuring that those who utilize County services pay the cost of providing those services, rather than receiving a subsidy from taxpayers and thereby diverting resources from other needed programs without a source of cost recovery.


The Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed the proposed amendments to the Department of Parks Fee Schedule and recommended approval on February 4, 2010. County Counsel has reviewed and approved these documents as to content and form.


In accordance with State law, the resulting fees do not exceed the cost of providing services. If approved by the Board of Supervisors, these amendments to the Department of Parks Fee Schedule would become effective immediately.



The cost of site preparation and reversion work of approximately $1,000 would be offset by anticipated revenue from the rental fees. The storage area at full capacity would generate between $10,800 and $14,400 depending on the stall size at the proposed rates. All revenue generated from this dry boat storage would go into the Marina Enterprise Fund for use at the Marina.