Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Parks



May 13, 2010


May 25, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David G. Holland, Director, Department of Parks


Amendment to the Agreement with Harris Design for Services Associated with the Development of Design Plans, Specifications, Cost Estimates and CEQA Review for the Crystal Springs Regional Trail South of Highway 92 Improvement Project



Adopt a Resolution authorizing the President of the Board to execute an Amendment to the Agreement with Harris Design for services associated with the development of design plans, specifications, cost estimates and CEQA review for the Crystal Springs Regional Trail South of Highway 92 Improvement Project increasing the amount by $23,905 to $107,184 and extending the term through August 30, 2010.



Since 1993, the County of San Mateo has been enhancing the recreation and commuter trail opportunities in the Crystal Springs Watershed in conjunction with the City and County of San Francisco. This Crystal Springs Regional Trail is envisioned to provide an uninterrupted, non-motorized, multi-use route from the City of San Bruno to the City of Belmont with seven trail segments identified for construction: San Andreas Trail North, San Andreas Trail South, Larkspur to Hillcrest Connector, Sawyer South to Crystal Springs Dam Overlook, South of Crystal Springs Dam, Hiking and Riding Trail, and South of Highway 92. For construction, project management, and funding purposes, these trails have been and are being designed and built as separate projects. The development and construction costs are being funded through State of California Grants (various departments), County Capital Projects Funds, and private donations (Sawyer Camp Trail Trust Fund).



In July 2008, the County’s Department of Parks issued a Request for Proposals for services to prepare design plans, specifications, cost estimates, and CEQA review for the improvements to the Crystal Springs Trail South of Highway 92. Harris Design was selected for this work based on their experience and continuity of service as they had worked on the Crystal Springs Trail South of the Crystal Springs Dam to North of Highway 92. A contract was entered into on September 1, 2008 for the amount of $79,829 and term of June 30, 2009. The contract scope was subsequently amended which increased the contract amount to $83, 279 and extended the term until June 30, 2010. The project is currently at the 90% design plans and specifications stage.


CalTrans has now indicated that a traffic study is necessary to determine how the trail should cross Highway 92 at Skyline Boulevard. As this is beyond the current scope of work, it will require further analysis and plans once additional funding is secured. This proposal to amend the Agreement with Harris Designs to increase the amount $23,905 for a total obligation of $107,184 and extend the term from June 30, 2010 to August 30, 2010, would provide for the Contractor’s preparation of two separate bid packages including the plans, specifications and cost estimates to facilitate flexibility in bidding and constructing the project in two parts with the limits of the two projects divided at the CalTrans right-of-way line. These bid packages would be revisions to the scope of work for the contract with Harris Design and would incorporate new County standard specifications adopted in November 2009 into the previously complete special provisions. Additionally, this Amendment would allow for the revision of the proposed plans to incorporate features such as hitching posts, gravel shoulders, and path connections at the southern end which were requested by equestrians through the CEQA review process and determined to be reasonable and feasible. As the proposed amendment increases the contract amount above $100,000, Board approval is needed.


Performance Measure(s):


FY 2009-10

FY 2010-11

Crystal Springs Regional Trail – Seven Segments Identified for Construction with Four Completed Prior to 2009-10




The proposed Amendment contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 of Environmentally Conscious Community as the Crystal Springs Trail South of 92 Improvement Project will increase the amount of non-motorized trail in the County, make efficient use of land to provide outdoor experiences for residents, and provide for the stewardship of natural resources.


County Counsel has reviewed and approved the Resolution to form.



There are sufficient funds appropriated in the Acquisition and Development Account for FY 2009-10 to cover the terms of the proposed Amendment to the Agreement through June 2010. There is no additional Net County Cost as a result of this action.