Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Human Services Agency



May 5, 2010


June 8, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


Beverly Beasley Johnson, J.D., Director, Human Services Agency


Agreement with Shelter Network for Shelter Operation



Adopt a Resolution:


Waiving the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process;



Authorizing the President of the Board to execute an Agreement with Shelter Network for the operation of six shelter programs, to provide Emergency and Transitional Shelter Services, for the term of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013, in the amount of $974,670; $974,670 is Net County Cost; and



Authorizing the Director of the Human Services Agency or the Director’s designee to execute contract amendments which modify the County’s maximum fiscal obligation by no more than $25,000 (in aggregate), and/or modify the contract term and/or services so long as the modified term or services is/are within the current or revised fiscal provisions.



Shelter Network was founded in 1987 to provide a comprehensive and coordinated network of housing and social services for the homeless residents of the San Mateo County.

Shelter Network provides emergency and transitional shelter assistance to San Mateo County homeless families and individuals at the following six (6) shelter/program sites throughout the County: Family Crossroads/Daly City, First Step for Families/San Mateo, Maple Street/Redwood City, Redwood Family House/Redwood City, Haven Family House/Menlo Park, and the Bridges Program/various locations, which provides longer-term housing support in scattered-site apartments and houses. Shelter Network also provides Case Management Services designed to help families move to transitional housing or directly to permanent housing to become self-sufficient.



Shelter Network is a unique non-profit organization in San Mateo County, with an annual budget of more than $8 million which utilizes their own facilities to provide services to homeless families and individuals throughout the County. Currently, Shelter Network operates thirteen programs with more than 50 full-time staff and thousands of volunteers. Shelter Network is San Mateo County’s principal provider of housing and supportive services for homeless families and individuals. In FY 2008-09, Shelter Network provided over 166,000 nights of shelter and served over 4,150 homeless people, 40% were children. The percent of families and single adults who completed Shelter Network's transitional programs and succeeded in returning to permanent housing is at the level of 88% (after an average shelter stay of 96 days).

It is in the County’s best interest to waive the RFP process and enter into an Agreement with Shelter Network because Shelter Network is the only shelter and transitional housing program for families in San Mateo County that has adequate staffing, capabilities, expertise, and Countywide resources to meet the County's need in providing the services associated with this Agreement.

The Contractor has assured compliance with the County's Contractor Employee Jury Service Ordinance, as well as all other contract provisions that are required by County ordinance and administrative memoranda, including but not limited to insurance, hold harmless, non-discrimination and equal benefits. County Counsel has reviewed the Agreement and Resolution as to form and Risk Management has approved the Contractor’s insurance.

Approval of this Agreement contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of a Prosperous Community by providing shelter services to homeless families and individuals of San Mateo County.


Performance Measure(s):


FY 2009-10

FY 2010-11


FY 2011-12


FY 2012-13


Rate of families and individuals that return to permanent and/or more stable housing.

*76% - families

55% - individuals

76.5% - families

55.5% - individuals

77% - families

56% - individuals

77.5% - families

56.5% - individuals

Percentage of families enrolled in voluntary follow-up case management who will remain in housing six months after graduation from transitional housing.





*Actual data due to HSA by July 30, 2010.



The term of this Agreement is July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013. The total obligation is $324,890 each of the three fiscal years, for a total of $974,670. The funding is 100% Net County Cost. Appropriations will be included in the FY 2010 -11, FY 2011-12 and the

FY 2012-13 Recommended Budgets.