Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Department of Parks



June 28, 2010


July 13, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David G Holland, Director, Department of Parks


San Bruno Mountain State and County Park Sewer Line Project [Project No. P19Z1]



Adopt a Resolution:


Adopting plans and specifications, including conformance with prevailing wage scale requirements, for the construction of a new sewer line and two pump stations to replace the use of two existing septic leach fields at San Bruno Mountain State and County Park; and



Authorizing the publication of a Notice to Contractors twice in a weekly local newspaper of general circulation published in the County; and



Authorizing the Director of Public Works to call for sealed proposals to be received by Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. in the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.



Two septic leach fields that serve restrooms at San Bruno Mountain State and County Park, including the main restroom, the ranger entry station restroom, and the recently replaced day camp restroom, have outlived their usefulness and need to be abandoned and replaced with a new sanitary sewer line, which will be connected to the City of Daly City’s sanitary sewer system at Alta Vista Way. The firm of BKF Engineers was selected to prepare the design plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the project and secure the necessary encroachment permit from the City of Daly City for connecting new sewer line to their sanitary sewer system. County Parks and Public Works staff have reviewed and approved the design plans, specifications and cost estimates. The project is ready to go out to bid for its construction.



The existing septic systems will be abandoned in place after the new sewer line is installed. An elevation gradient change requires the installation of two sewage pump stations along with the new sewer line. One pump station will be located at the main restroom and the other at the day camp. The new sewer line will be constructed to follow the existing day camp dirt and gravel service road to minimize ground disturbance and will connect to the City of Daly City’s sewer system at Alta Vista Way.


TRA Environmental, the firm that conducts biological review under the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan, has indicated there are no known significant biological concerns of covered species that exist in the project area. TRA will be contracted with to provide an additional survey prior to construction and provide site monitoring if needed. A San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan Site Activity Permit has been obtained for this project.


Permits have been received from the City of Daly City for the sewer connection and a CEQA Notice of Exemption has been filed.


Approval of this action will contribute to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of an Environmentally Conscious Community by replacing an aging septic system with a new sewer system.


County Counsel has reviewed and approved the Resolution as to form.



The estimated cost for this sewer improvement project is $416,000. The project will be funded by Parks Acquisition and Development Funds in the amount of $416,000. An ATR will be submitted to modify the Capital Projects budget for this project along with the future Board Report recommending the award of a contract.

There is no impact to the General Fund.