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County Manager’s Office



August 2, 2010


August 10, 2010







Honorable Board of Supervisors


Peggy Jensen, Deputy County Manager


San Mateo County Transportation Authority “Making the Last Mile Connection” grant proposal



Adopt a Resolution in support of San Mateo County's participation in the "Making the Last Mile Connection" proposal to be submitted by the San Mateo County Transit Authority to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.



The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has requested proposals for their Bay Area Climate Initiative Innovative Grant Program. The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SamTrans), submitted a letter of interest to the MTC titled “Making the Last Mile Connection” which was selected for development into a proposal. At the suggestion of MTC staff, SamTrans contacted both the County and Redwood City about partnering on this project, since the City and County jointly submitted a letter of interest to MTC outlining a suite of transit alternatives. The County agreed to partner with SamTrans, as did the City.



The SamTrans proposal titled “Making the Last Mile Connection” includes multiple components that together, will make it easier for residents to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled in single occupancy gas cars. The proposal combines car share, bike share, vanpool, electric car charging stations and telework programs into a suite of options targeted to residents and employees in Redwood City. The bike-sharing component of the project will be included in the SamTrans proposal and a proposal being developed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) for a regional bike share program. The electric vehicle charging stations are also included in the proposal submitted by the San Mateo County City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG). If the San Trans proposal is awarded funding, then all the components will be implemented. If the SamTrans proposal is not funded, but the C/CAG and/or the BAAQMD proposals are funded, then charging stations and/or bike sharing will be funded.


If the SamTrans grant is awarded, the County will be responsible for marketing the suite of programs to our employees based in Redwood City. These marketing efforts will be supported by materials and activities developed by SamTrans and the Congestion Management Alliance.


The Resolution has been reviewed and approved as to form by County Counsel.


Adoption of this Resolution contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of an Environmentally Conscious Community by offering alternative transit options to County employees in Redwood City that produce fewer carbon emissions than single occupancy gas powered cars.



There is no cost to the County to participate in the proposal submission beyond limited staff time for meetings with SamTrans. If the “Last Mile Connection” proposal is funded, the County will contribute up to $35,000 in in-kind staff time for the employee marketing effort.