Exhibit “A”

Agreement No.

Agreement between the County of San Mateo and Shelter Network

I. Description of Services to be Performed by the Contractor

A. In consideration of the payments described in paragraph II, Contractor will reserve six beds at Maple Street

Shelter for homeless single adults referred by San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC).

B. Contractor will provide the following to the single adults referred by SMMC:

1. Safe housing in compliance with SMMC’s discharge plan and timeline as long as the clients are meeting

program requirements (clients may be considered for extensions beyond that timeline on mutual agreement of

both parties and may be transferred to the regular programs of Maple Street on a case by case basis).

2. Basic necessities and practical support, including food, clothing, transportation assistance, phone and laundry

access and financial assistance as needed.

3. Individualized case management and referrals to needed services and resources, such as employment,

housing, and health services.

4. Access to additional on-site supportive services, such as life skills workshops, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, substance abuse recovery services, and other services as developed for

the Maple Street Shelter program.

II. Amount and Method of Payment

A. In consideration of the services described in paragraph I, San Mateo County will pay Contractor $45 per night per bed for a total of six guaranteed beds. If an additional bed is required and is available, San Mateo County will pay Contractor $45 per bed per night for the nights the additional bed is used. Contractor will invoice SMMC by the 10th day following the month of services provided. Invoices will be approved by the Case Management Director and paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Contractor agrees that the requirements of this Agreement pertaining to the protection of proprietary rights and confidentiality shall survive termination of this Agreement.