Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Planning and Building Department



November 15, 2010


November 30, 2010


10 Days, within 500 feet





Honorable Board of Supervisors



Jim Eggemeyer, Community Development Director



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Public hearing to consider: (1) certification of a Final Environmental Impact Report, (2) adoption of ordinances for the Zoning Text and Map Amendments to rezone the subject parcel from RM (Resource Management) to PUD (Planned Unit Development), (3) a Lot Line Adjustment, and (4) a Street Name Assignment for the Clos de la Tech Winery, located at 19775 Skyline Boulevard, in the unincorporated South Skyline area of San Mateo County.




Certify the Final Environmental Impact Report and approve the proposed Zoning Text and Map Amendments, Lot Line Adjustment, Street Name Assignment, County File Number PLN 2001-00534, by adopting the required findings and conditions of approval as contained in Attachment A.



Adopt an ordinance amending Chapter 2 of Division VI of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code (Zoning Annex) to revise the Zoning Maps, Appendix A, to add the Planned Unit Development No. 135 (PUD-135) District Regulations, affecting one property in the unincorporated La Honda area.



Adopt an ordinance amending Division VI of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code (Zoning Annex) to revise the Zoning Text, Appendix A (Planned Unit Developments) to enact the Planned Unit Development No. 135 (PUD-135) Zoning District Regulations on an approximately 166-acre agricultural property located at 19775 Skyline Boulevard, in the unincorporated La Honda area.



The applicant proposes to develop a winery (Clos de la Tech) on a portion of his 165.68-acre parcel, located in the unincorporated area of San Mateo County, northeast of the Town of La Honda. Most of the winery facilities would be constructed underground, within three existing excavated “caves.” These facilities include winery operations (fermentation, barrel storage, and bottling), winery offices, and living quarters for up to six people. The service building would include habitable space to provide temporary housing for up to 15 laborers during harvest. The proposed project would increase the acreage of vines on the project site from the current 25.43 acres to a total of approximately 62 acres, and extend the existing, on-site road to access the additional acreage.


The project is composed of three components: (1) a proposed Zoning Text and Map Amendment to change the present zoning of the site from “Resource Management” (RM) to “Planned Unit Development” (PUD), (2) a Lot Line Adjustment between the subject parcel and the parcel directly to the east, and (3) a Street Name Assignment to name the project parcel’s access road to “Clos de la Tech Trail.”


The proposed PUD zoning designation is composed of physical attributes (buildings, roads, etc.), operational components (hours of operation, number of employees on-site, etc.), and preservation and enhancement components (protection for sensitive habitat and purple needlegrass grassland restoration).



The proposed project was originally submitted to the County in 2001. During the intervening nine years, the proposal has undergone two significant modifications from what was originally presented to the Planning Commission in 2002. The first change is the inclusion of a lot line adjustment, which would remove a portion of the project parcel from the Woodhams Creek watershed. The applicant would not plant vineyards within this watershed or drill an agricultural well, as originally proposed. The second significant change is the replacement of the proposed Countywide zoning text amendment with a site-specific PUD ordinance. During the previous public review period for the 2008 Draft EIR, numerous comments were received which challenged the adequacy of the Draft EIR, particularly with regard to the adequacy of the cumulative impacts and growth inducement analysis in relation to the then-proposed Countywide zoning text amendment. The PUD ordinance instead focuses the environmental analysis on the site-specific impacts and mitigations for this project. The Draft EIR has concluded that the proposed project, as mitigated, is environmentally sound and will not create any significant, unavoidable impacts. The Planning Commission and staff have analyzed the project, including the proposed PUD ordinance, and concluded that it complies with the General Plan and the existing RM zoning with the exception of the case limit for wineries. The Planning Commission and staff have concluded that the project will not create a significant impact upon the environment or surrounding area and recommends approval of this project subject to the findings and conditions of approval contained in Attachment A.


The approval of the rezoning of the subject parcel from RM to PUD contributes to the 2025 Shared Vision outcome of a Livable Community by facilitating agricultural development of an underutilized parcel and helping to preserve the agricultural and open space nature of the project area.



Nominal cost to the Planning and Building Department to monitor compliance with conditions of approval for this project.